Heart of Ice

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Leigh DeVore


Lis Wiehl with April Henry | Thomas Nelson

Lis Wiehl continues her “Triple
Threat” series with the third, starring a trio of best friends crime reporter
Cassidy Shaw, FBI agent Nicole Hedges and federal prosecutor Allison Pierce.
One murder after another seem to be linked, but the three can’t figure out how
until Cassidy breaks the case with a surprising discovery. But can they
outmaneuver a killer who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals?

Suspense fans will enjoy the taut action and pure evil of
the antagonist; series fans will enjoy probing deeper in the lives of the best
friends as each struggles with difficult situations.

Readers looking for a strong Christian element won’t find it
here—though Christian themes are present, as are the occasional curse and
graphic scene—but those looking for a good escape tale brimming with excitement
will find much to enjoy. 

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