Healing Without Hands

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Smith Wigglesworth

And as many as touched him [Jesus] were made whole. —Mark 6:56

When the presence of the Lord is there to heal, it does not require hands. Faith is the great operation position. When we believe God, all things are easy. When I went to Sweden, they would not let me lay hands on people for healing.

So they built places where I could speak to thousands of people in Sweden.

To all the people I said, “All of you that would like the power of God going through you today, healing everything, put your hands up.” Thousands of hands went up.

I prayed. “Lord, show me how it can be done today without the people having hands laid upon them.” And He told me as clearly as anything to pick a person out that stood upon a rock. To her I said, “Tell all the people your troubles.” She began to relate her troubles from her head to her feet. She was in so much pain.

“Lift your hands high,” I said. “In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the evil one from your head to your feet. I believe He has loosed you.”

Oh, how she danced and jumped and shouted! Hundreds were healed without a touch and hundreds saved with touching. Our God is a God of mighty power.

Lord, I need no touch but
Thine to heal me. Amen.

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