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The digital publishing revolution isn’t just about newly written books.
The Bible has been presented as an award-winning audio project in recent
times and is proving increasingly popular among e-reader users.

In a Christian Retailing roundtable forum, the magazine
discussed the growth of the non-print Bible market, and the
opportunities and implications, with leading suppliers in the category.

digital trend is not being driven by technology alone, according to
Aaron Linne, executive producer of digital marketing/manager, B&H
Publishing Group. “It’s a lifestyle thing,” he said. “For me, looking at
things digitally, there’s not a divide there. It’s just digital is the
way I consume media. Typically if it’s not an open thing where I can
consume that media however I want, I’m not as likely to buy it.”

Shawn Carroll, COO of Immersion Digital (Glo Bible),
added: “One of the things that we discovered is the nonlinear nature of
digital media … being able to dive in, explore and get context. Being
able to share your experiences is also hugely important in this era of
Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The idea of an interface that speaks to
people in the way they want to interact with media and on the devices
that they cart around with them is important.”

Read more in the June issue of Christian Retailing.

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