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Debbie Macomber | Howard Books

Debbie Macomber—herself admired by fans as an author of New
York Times
best-selling fiction—confesses that she longed to meet certain
people she admired or who inspired her. But, in meeting some of them, she
discovered they weren’t all she had expected. Disappointed, she soon realized
that the people who had the most profound effect on her life were the ones God
wanted her to meet.

In God’s Guest List: Welcoming Those Who Influence Our
, Macomber encourages readers to take their focus off of those they
perceive to be important and begin to view every person they meet as an
opportunity to grow, to bless and be blessed. In her case, one of the people
God wanted her to “meet” was her own mother, who she felt was perpetually
disappointed in her, and one of her assistants, who was fond of being in

With humility, Macomber admits that she fell into a focus on
celebrity. In God’s Guest List, she helps readers who, like herself, are
ready to take on God’s priorities and look for His hand in their lives.

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