God Uses Dead Cow to Bring Salvation to Entire Family

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The people of Kanohraj* village wanted to kill Daruka for sharing God’s love until a dead cow changed their minds.

The Gospel for Asia-supported missionary often encountered hostility
from the villagers when he went out to share Christ, but he remained
steadfast in prayer and fasting to see the village reached.

His faithfulness paid off when he met Santosh Singh, who owned a farm
with many cows. Daruka shared the gospel with him and gave him a tract
called “Heart of Man.” Santosh soaked in the message of salvation in
Christ, and from then on he invited Daruka to visit his home every
Tuesday to pray for him and his family.

As Santosh learned more about Jesus and listened to the Word of God,
the Lord opened his heart to receive Him. But when a tragic incident
happened to Santosh’s livestock, he began to question his newfound

One by one, an unexplained disease took the lives of the cows in his
herd. When the last one died, a discouraged Santosh made up his mind to
turn back to his traditional religion. But when Daruka heard
about the situation, he knew God Almighty could change the
circumstances. So he prayed for Santosh’s dead cow.

Miraculously, the Lord brought the animal back to life! Seeing this
miracle, Santosh’s faith quickly deepened, and he decided to put his
full trust in the Lord. His entire family came to know of God’s saving
grace as well.

Once the people of Kanohraj found out about the miracle of the
resurrected cow, they no longer sought to kill Daruka. Instead Daruka’s
church began to grow, and his ministry continues to flourish under God’s

*name of village has been changed for security purposes.

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