Four Texas Abortionists Busted for Violations

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Four Texas abortionists associated with the Whole Women’s Health abortion chain are facing disciplinary action based on complaints filed by Operation Rescue.

The Texas Medical Board notified Operation Rescue President Troy Newman that William Watkins West Jr., Robert E. Hanson Jr., Pedro J. Kowalyszyn and Sherwood C. Lynn will appear before an Informal Settlement Conference/Show Compliance hearing on Oct. 28 to determine what, if any, disciplinary action should be taken against them.

They join five other Texas abortionists who are also facing disciplinary action based on Operation Rescue complaints.

“We now have seen stunning results from our Texas abortion clinic investigation. A total of nine abortionists are facing discipline, and we expect more to join them,” says Newman. Operation Rescue filed complaints against 14 Texas abortionists.

“We discovered abortion abuses at every clinic that we investigated. What we found in Texas is just a microcosm of the appalling conditions and horrific abortion practices that exist at abortion clinics in every state that endanger the health and safety of women each day,” Newman says. “It’s standard operating procedure in the abortion cartel to cut corners on patient safety in order to increase abortion profits. Our investigation and the resulting state actions against the Texas offenders confirm that.”

The board actions against all nine abortionists are the result of a three-month investigation spearheaded by Operation Rescue, with the help of the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. Operation Rescue published the findings of the investigation and filed complaints with three Texas oversight agencies, reporting violations that had been documented by two teams of undercover investigators.

As a further result of the Operation Rescue investigation, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality verified health code violations—including the illegal disposal of the remains of aborted babies—at Whole Women’s Health clinics in McAllen and Austin and has cited the clinics for them.

Whole Women’s Health is affiliated with the National Abortion Federation, a scandal-plagued national association of abortion clinics that have been found to be among the worst in the nation in complying with even the most basic health and safety standards.

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