Feedback September 2005

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Feedback September 2005

Billy Graham

Regarding your very good article about Billy Graham (“A Faithful Witness” by Sandra Chambers, July), I must say that he has no mantle to pass on. Like D.L. Moody, C.H. Spurgeon, Billy Sunday and others, Billy Graham will stand as one of God’s unique chosen few.
Rev. Michael A. Albert
Damascus Road Ministries
Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania

I saw Billy Graham on Larry King Live when he said he was a Democrat and that he thought Hillary Clinton would make a good president. There are many high-profile Christians who vote Democrat. I’m sure they aren’t too dumb to realize when they’re voting for a person who supports abortion and same-sex marriage. Should Clinton be elected president, she will put a stop to the gospel message.
Betty Lemmon
Ellicott City, Maryland

Healing in the Delta

Thank you for the article “Healing in the Delta” (by Ernest Herndon, July). It was so heartening to read about the work that reformer Dolphus Weary is doing in the state of Mississippi. When I left there, I didn’t want to return because of the racist attitudes I encountered. (I’m white, but I saw many hurtful things while growing up there.) Churches are still segregated, but I hope that is changing because of Mission Mississippi and Weary’s work. Hats off to him!
Dianne Lang
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

More on catholics

I want to thank J. Lee Grady for his excellent column about the need for a fresh wave of the Spirit in Catholic and Protestant churches (“Do It Again, Lord,” June). I say: “Lord, turn all of our churches upside down.” We need God—no more business as usual but a radical hunger for the things of the Holy Spirit and the voice of the Lord in our midst.
Marietta Alexander
Everett, Washington

As a former Catholic baptized in the Spirit, I have been grieved by the slander of Catholic Christians. Even though I am now part of a Pentecostal church, I still have respect and affection for my “separated brethren.” I implore Christians who disagree with Catholic theology (I am among them) to embrace Catholics as fellow believers and allow the Spirit to renew their minds.
Marilyn Rej
Columbia, South Carolina

It’s true that some fundamentalists would deny there are any Christians in Catholicism. But Catholicism is more like the church at Sardis in Revelation 3:1-5; a church Christ described as having the reputation of being alive, though it actually was dead. Still, Jesus said it had “a few who have not soiled their garments and will walk with Me in white.” Be careful about judgments.
Janelle Olney
Lubbock, Texas

It was good to point out that Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict are traditionalists. Sometimes Protestants don’t like to hear much about the Catholic Church, but we are part of the body of Christ too.
Berta Medina
St. Johns, Michigan

If you can write an article about Pope John Paul II, will you do one about the Dalai Lama next? I am surprised that your editorial is warming up to Catholics.
Jeff Mills
Antigua, Guatemala

Your story about the pope gives the impression Charisma endorses the view that salvation is obtained by works. Catholic doctrines such as the theology of purgatory speak to the fact that Roman Catholicism does not reflect Christianity. In fact, it opposes it.
Bruce C. Bennett
Medford, New York

How can the Catholic Church make the front cover of a supposedly Christian magazine? Has anyone studied its teachings? Just because the name of Jesus is used by this group doesn’t make them holy.
Rev. Robert Johnson
Word of Faith Church
Sumter, South Carolina

I’m sure it wasn’t your intention to imply that John Paul II was the Holy Spirit’s substitute, but calling him “Vicar of the Spirit” means exactly that. I’m happy he was godly, but long-standing aberrations still exist in the Catholic Church. They, and we, need cleaning by the real Holy Spirit.
Maurice L. Fuller
Calgary, Alberta

I was shocked to receive your glowing articles about Pope John Paul II. The pope was known for his energetic search for common ground not only with Protestants but also with other religious affiliations. This approach is not condoned in Scripture. His interest in the Holy Spirit should not negate the fact that “one God, many paths” isn’t what the Bible teaches.
Karen Johnson
Tehachapi, California

Mixed Signals

I love your editorials and look forward to reading them, but they confuse me. I am getting mixed signals. I read your editorials about the mess the charismatic preachers are making in the area of false prosperity—but then I see your magazine full of articles and pictures of preachers who are of the very school you are against in your editorials. Please explain.
Rev. Raffoul Najem
via e-mail

I am beginning to object to your taking advertising dollars from the very people who are preaching “another gospel.” We are straying from the message that Jesus preached. He taught self-denial, self-control and holiness.
Carmela Croteau
East Branch, New York

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