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What is all the fuss about ministers being investigated for their out-of-control spending on mansions, yachts, fancy cars and more? (Fire in My Bones, February). We Christians are supposed to be transparent about everything we do and say. If the correction or rebuke does not come from inside the body of Christ, then let it come from the government.

Sen. Charles Grassley is a Christian, and it is tragically sad that certain people are vilifying him for his investigations. In so many instances, humility, simplicity, accountability and unity have been replaced with a counterfeit gospel of selfishness, materialism, greed and arrogance.

The body of Christ desperately needs a strong rebuke and major repentance beginning with church leaders. I am glad God is raising up leaders in developing nations who have anointing without arrogance, power without pride, and boldness without brashness.
Derek Sloan
Brooklyn, New York

Unity and the Black Church

I shook my head when I read the title on the cover page “A New Day in the Black Church” (February). I know it’s Black History Month, but that is a worldly recognition, and I’m saddened to see the glaring spiritual darkness in the title. In Christ there is no black or white, Jew or Greek. It is a sad day for Christianity when the world sees us define ourselves by race.
Jill Knight
Mundelein, Illinois

The February issue was the best I think I have ever received! I read it cover to cover, including every advertisement. All the topics were relevant, and the coverage on the black church was excellent. Thank you for all the people you interviewed, especially pastor Marvin Winans.
Sylvie Etitane
Washington, D.C.

With regard to the cover story, is there a better term that could be used to describe a portion of the body of Christ than “the Black Church”? And are any of your other stories titled “the White Church,” “the Yellow Church” or any other color?
Michael E. Waldrup
Salinas, California

Senator Grassley’s Investigation

I completely agree with J. Lee Grady with regard to his comments about the Senate Finance Committee’s investigation of six megaministries (Fire in My Bones, February). I am disgusted with what is taking place in the body of Christ, especially with leaders. May God continue to expose what they are doing in the dark.
Mary Weinstein
San Clemente, California

I agree with J. Lee Grady that Sen. Grassley “is a Christian with a reputation for integrity.” Why are ministries trying to hide their financial records? What do they have to hide? I am tired of greedy and covetous ministers who make it difficult for fellow Christians.
R. J. Peters
Mena, Arizona

I cannot believe J. Lee Grady thinks the investigation conducted by Sen. Charles Grassley is an “investigation from God.” Do you not know that Grassley is transgressing the highest law of the land by intimidating ministries into reporting to him and his finance committee?

The ones who are telling Grassley to “take a hike” are supporting the laws of the land (see Romans 13). Those who comply are putting protections guaranteed under the Constitution at risk.
John L. Fisk
Raleigh, North Carolina

If ministers are preaching the gospel, who cares what they drive? Financial accountability and extreme prosperity are very different subjects. Be careful not to call Toyota drivers righteous and Lexus drivers sinful. God’s Word never puts a limit on what we can have.
Tyler Wright
Vancouver, British Columbia

What appears as success in the church, whether measured in numbers, dollars, comfort, popularity or influence, has seduced and deceived us. Compromises and cover-ups are most comfortable in hazy theology and murky living. But true love for the Lord will cause us to care whether sheep and unbelievers become confused about the rest of the message, who God is, and what He requires of us all.
Frank Robinson
Palmdale, California

J. Lee Grady wrote a great column, but the February issue of Charisma featured a full-page advertisement from Paula White’s ministry. You are adding to the confusion by accepting an advertisement from a ministry whose doctrines are in question.
Richard Ferrin
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I read J. Lee Grady’s column and see that he writes biblical truth, but I am seeing something different in the magazine with regard to the advertisement with Paula White. Please help me understand why Charisma is not holding up to the Word of God by taking a stand for righteousness in a mixed-up church.
Ruth Griffith
Deerfield Beach, Florida

Editor’s note:
The investigation being conducted by Senator Grassley is ongoing and no wrongdoing has been proven yet. We will certainly adjust our advertising policies when the inquiry is completed.

The Political Divide

I read in Charisma that Donnie McClurkin and Juanita Bynum support Barack Obama for president. How in the world can a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian support a party, let alone a candidate, that sees nothing wrong with abortion or gay marriage?
Brenda Sharpe
Salem, Virginia

Juanita Bynum’s support of Barack Obama for president is another indication of deception. Obama is just another pawn in Satan’s kingdom who adheres to destructive liberal ideas. This current crop of presidential candidates is scary, both Republican and Democrat. Is there a new Dark Ages for the U.S. just around the corner?
Stephen Gullixson
via e-mail

It has become painfully obvious to me that unless subscribers agree 100 percent with the political opinions and candidates Charisma supports, they are basically considered “non-Christian.” There are many believers, including independents and Democrats, who are feeling “not wanted” by Charisma. It has become an exclusive Republican political tool, creating even more division among God’s children in the body of Christ.
Patricia Carpenter
Brooksville, Florida

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