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Hearts for the Hungry

Thank you for reporting on the ministry of Larry and Frances Jones (“Hearts for the Hungry” by Chad Bonham, December). They are to be commended for their efforts to fulfill the Word of God with regard to the poor and the hungry.
Rev. A. Smith
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Hope for the Holidays is a worthy outreach to families, but what about needy singles? Why was there no mention about raising money to help them? If you search the Scriptures you won’t find any evidence that God cares less about singles than He does for families. I hope in the future Charisma will include single people in outreach.
Gayle Robinson
Raleigh, North Carolina

Editor’s note:
Nothing in our Christmas appeal said we were helping only married people. Larry and Frances Jones’ outreach touches all people regardless of their marital status. We want to thank all readers who contributed to our holiday fund for the hungry.

A Cry for Accountability

Thank you for your fair coverage of the investigation of ministries by Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley (Fire in My Bones, online; by J. Lee Grady; Nov. 9, 15). I wish all ministers would be content without going to financial extremes. We are held to a higher standard.
Anita Brown
St. Petersburg, Florida

Do these ministries have something to hide? Why are they so paranoid? I don’t believe Sen. Grassley’s inquiries equate to the government interfering in the church.
If these ministries are not obeying the law, they are crossing the line. If they are obeying the law, they should give Grassley the documents. All of us who work for Christ should be held accountable.
Cathern Street
Ruther Glen, Virginia

I agree with Grady regarding Sen. Grassley’s investigation. Ministries should have nothing to hide as long as they are abiding by the laws of this nation. We Christians are held to higher accountability than the rest of the world. We are required to be honest and transparent.
L. Pankretz
Tillamook, Oregon

When Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, died, he still lived in the same house he’d owned for years and drove the same 1970s model pickup truck. He had a lot of money, but the money didn’t own him. How I wish prosperity preachers would learn that lesson.
Stephen Jeffcoat
Randlett, Oklahoma

Scripture says judgment will begin in the house of God. It looks like today God is exposing a lot of sins that have been covered up.

Too many have been intimidated by church leaders who twisted the understanding of the verse that says, “Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm” (Ps. 105:15, NKJV).

If mature, responsible church members would speak up and vote with their dollars and their feet, many of the excesses being exposed would have been nipped in the bud. Maybe now revival can come.
Vern Phillips
Lincoln, Illinois

The ORU Scandal

I am all for biblical prosperity, but money is only a small part of prosperity. I would like to ask the prosperity preachers serving on the Oral Roberts University Board of Regents why the university is so heavily in debt when they teach their flock of believers not to be in debt.

Were their ears closed during board meetings? Are their churches in debt? I’m sure they personally are not in debt.
Carolina Johnson
Naples, Florida

The 2008 Election

Publisher Stephen Strang has encouraged Christians to get involved in the upcoming election (Final Word, December). As we grab our “shovels,” may we pray not our words but God’s. Psalm 125:3 spoke to my heart: “For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous, lest the righteous reach out their hands to iniquity.”
Sharon Johnson
Cosby, Tennessee

I’m concerned about Mike Huckabee’s position on the Fair Tax. For this approach to work, every American would have to receive an identification to buy or sell anything. The “below poverty line” refund part of the proposal would require such a measure. To me, this is a short step from a chip implant to be used for the same purpose. No government deserves such power to monitor and control.
Larry Thompson
Boiling Springs, North Carolina

After a careful examination of the candidates on both sides of the presidential race, and after looking at their integrity, I am placing 100 percent support behind former Gov. Mike Huckabee. We need a bold statesman and a fearless leader.
Perry Stone
Cleveland, Tennessee

Divorce in the Ministry

The divorce of Randy and Paula White is a tragedy (News, October). They decided to go their separate ways and announced it from their pulpit.

What happened to the Bible’s admonition not to seek the counsel of the ungodly? Randy and Paula should step down from ministry and seek godly counsel.

Juanita Bynum’s divorce is also a tragedy. She had a million-dollar wedding that was aired on TBN. It looked like something from Buckingham Palace.

I recently went to a church to hear a preacher from Iran. I expected to hear about ministry, but instead he talked about cars and wealth. The altar call was about bringing the biggest offering to his ministry.

This superstar Christianity is about power and preachers ripping off givers.
Eleanor Doerr
Farmington, New Mexico

Juanita Bynum’s husband, Thomas W. Weeks III, is not her enemy, and she is not her husband’s enemy (News, November). The real enemy in this situation is pride.
I think it is a sad day when we have leaders fighting in public. Where is the concern for the people of God?
Linda Cruz
Charlotte, North Carolina

I am sad about Randy and Paula White’s breakup. Why do they think they are exempt from biblical grounds for divorce?

If Paula’s ministry was keeping her away too much and this caused her marriage to lose its love and mutual respect, then that is not grounds to terminate a holy union. It seems there is more to this than has been revealed—or else there is rank defiance toward God’s Word. They should step down from active ministry for a time to get healed and restored.
John M. Lawson
Ringgold, Georgia

Global Warming—Not!

When I read the headline about global warming, I had to ask myself, “Am I really reading this in Charisma?” It is apparent that your editorial staff has bought into the politically correct message (“The Gospel and Global Warming” by Tri Robinson, November).

Scientists are divided over it, but the liberal media treats it like it is fact. Al Gore was not around during the ice age. The earth has gone through several warming and cooling periods, all according to God’s plan—not man’s.

Though I agree that we should adopt a better way to care for our environment, global warming is a tool designed to take away our liberties.
Rev. Bill Clancy
Banning, California

Our story “An Open Letter to Southern Baptists” (December 2007) should have said that resolutions by both the Southern Baptist Convention International Mission Board (not the Southern Baptist Convention) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary are glaringly out of sync with a long-standing record of Baptist altruism.

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