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Rick Bundschuh | Regal Books

In Deep Like Me: Extremely Profound Thoughts on Faith
From a Disciple in Over His Head
, Rick Bundschuh, a teaching pastor and
popular conference speaker, provides 31 short-essay examples from his own life,
showing how following Jesus is not a prescribed walk of faith.

With wit and humor, Bundschuh offers hope and encouragement
to believers struggling in their spiritual walk. With a reassuring voice, he
lets them know they are not alone if they are questioning their faith, even if
sometimes the theology or actions of others—such as holding a John 3:16 sign at
a football game—may seem a bit odd.

In discussing topics such as honesty, judgment and
forgiveness, the author challenges readers to think for themselves and consider
what Jesus is really saying in His teachings rather than swallowing everything
they’ve been taught.

Readers will enjoy Bundschuh’s personal, conversational
style. With Scriptures to reinforce the life lesson of each chapter, Deep
Like Me
will support readers in their own journey toward becoming like

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