December 2015: What if Mary Chose Abortion?

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What if Mary Chose Abortion?

As millions celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, pro-life advocates are asking a profound question: What if Jesus had never been born? 

Featured Articles

  • Wisdom in A Christmas Carol
    Discover how Scrooge can save your Christmas—and perhaps your life.
  • The Cross in the Manger
    Go beyond just the cultural enjoyment of the holidays and experience the real meaning of Christmas.
  • Where I Am
    Inspired by the world’s greatest promise, Billy Graham shares the hope of heaven.
  • The Key to Everything 
    Find out why giving is the secret to unlocking God’s releasing grace and His abundant blessings.
  • Discover Your Prayer Passion
    How to move beyond prayers for “me and mine”—allowing your heart to beat in rhythm with God’s heart.
  • Rewards of Blessing Prophets
    Learn about the favor, promotion and financial breakthroughs that come into your life when you receive and bless a prophet of God.
  • Did Jesus Really Have to Die?
    From the manger to the cross, Jesus was born to die so we may live.
  • The Return of ‘Superbook’
    The classic animated series returns to retail, thanks to CBN and Charisma Media
  • Star of Wonder
    An interview with the author of the explosive new book that unveils the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem.
  • Messiah’s Misfits
    Why the ones man overlooks are the ones God notices and plucks from obscurity.


  • Former ‘street god’ takes Jesus to the projects
  • VeggieTales creator releases space adventure film Galaxy Buck
  • Rev. Charlie Holt shows Christians how to live the ‘crucified life’
  • Nathaniel’s Hope shows God’s love to children with special needs


  • This month’s resources: A.W. Tozer’s Delighting in God; Mercy Me, It’s Christmas; Devil-Proof Your Family; The Gospel of John; Sheila Walsh’s The Bible Is My Best Friend; plus more
  • Reviews: A.D. The Bible Continues and Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human

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