College Students Worship, Pray, Serve at Passion 2010 Event

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Adrienne S. Gaines

College students from 1,500 campuses and
37 nations raised more than $668,000 to support social justice projects and
gave some 70,000 pairs of socks to area homeless as part of a worship and
prayer event held in Atlanta this week.

During the Passion Twenty-Ten Conference,
which began Saturday and ends Tuesday, some 22,000 students packed more than
100,000 meals for hungry children, funded nearly 300 small business loans to
lift women out of poverty in Haiti and gave more than $80,000 to help rescue
women from sex slavery in Nepal.

Encouraged to
bring socks and towels to give to the homeless, the youth also were able to
donate roughly 70,000 pairs of socks and 15,000 towels to Atlanta-area shelters.

“Whether they
know what Passion is all about or not, they will know that followers of Christ
have been here,” said Passion founder Louie Giglio of the people receiving the

The four-day Passion conference—the first U.S. event in
three years—brought students together in small breakout sessions and large groups to worship, pray and hear teaching
from Christian leaders such as Beth Moore, John Piper, Francis Chan and Andy

Also participating
were worship leaders Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, Matt
Redman and Hillsong United, whose I Heart Revolution also encourages youth to
engage in social justice and compassion ministry.

As part of Passion’s Do Something Now campaign, which
launched in 2007 and seeks to mesh worship with justice, students were encouraged to
support 12 global projects through giving and participation, with a goal of
raising more than $500,000 in international aid. By Tuesday morning, they had
raised more than $668,000.

Cheryl Bell, director of events for Passion Conferences,
said some of the organizations met their goals halfway through the conference
and began directing students to support the other ministries.

“It’s what does the kingdom of God look like,” Bell said.
“To see these guys really pour into and partner and give to other organizations
is pretty amazing.”

Passion movement began in 1995 to
unite college students and churches in prayer and worship. In the last
15 years, Passion has held seven conferences in the U.S., as well as large-scale
OneDay prayer events that drew tens of thousands of students.

In 2008, Passion
embarked on a 17-city world tour through Kiev,
Ukraine; Paris; Kampala, Uganda; Cape Town, South Africa; Manila, Philippines;
Tokoyo; Sydney, Australia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Giglio said organizers hoped the 2010 conference would
awaken students. “There’s a heartbeat here and that heartbeat is that you and I
would awaken to the same thing-that it’s good to trade something small for
something huge,” Giglio told the crowd Saturday
night. “And that something small is lives that you and I ‘run’ and that
we would trade that in for a life that is part of a grand epic that is God.”

Bell estimated that 80 percent of those attending this
year’s conference were participating for the first time. And though she said
college students are ever changing, Passion’s message remains the same.

“It’s just presenting that same message to a new group
of people—what does it look like to leverage your life for the glory of God,”
she said. “And that is different for each and every individual, but people have
got to fall in love with who God is, realize who God is, have a relationship
with Jesus Christ before any of that happens.”

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