Christian Conservatives Eye Tuesday Election

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Adrienne S. Gaines


Conservative Christians are keeping a close eye on Tuesday’s election, supporting pro-life gubernatorial candidates and advocating for ballot initiatives to affirm traditional marriage in Maine and Washington state.


Voters in Maine will decide today whether to repeal a gay marriage law passed by the legislature in May.

Historically, traditional marriage has been upheld when put to a popular vote, but gay rights activists are watching Maine closely in hopes that it will bring their cause its first victory at the voting booth. If gay marriage is repealed, it will mark the first time a gay marriage law was overturned by voters. California’s Proposition 8 was in response to a court ruling, not legislation. The ballot initiative was prompted by a petition drive under Maine’s people’s veto provision.

In Washington state, Referendum 71 allows voters to decide whether to accept Senate bill 5688, which expands the rights of same-sex couples included in the domestic partnership registry. The state legislature passed the measure earlier this year, and Gov. Christine Gregoire signed it in May.

Prayer leaders are also expressing support for candidates who are pro-life and affirm traditional marriage. In an e-mail update sent Monday, Generals International founders Mike and Cindy Jacobs said teams affiliated with their U.S. Reformation Prayer Network (USRPN) have been praying for the candidates “we felt would most closely follow the laws of the Bible that should govern our land.”

The couple said intercessors have been praying for Republican Chris Christie, a pro-life candidate who is in a close race for New Jersey governor. In Virginia, prayer groups are supporting Bob McDonnell for governor, Bill Bolling for lieutenant governor and Ken Cuccinelli for attorney general.

Virginia USRPN coordinators said it was “obvious” the candidates they supported were intercessors.

“It was refreshing to hear and feel the presence of God as we asked that the citizens of the Commonwealth be led and guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in voting,” Mike and Cindy Jacobs wrote.

In New York, the prayer leaders support Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman for the state’s 23rd congressional district. Hoffman is pro-life and opposes gay marriage, an issue that has been considered in the state Senate.

Meanwhile, the American Family Association (AFA) and the Family Research Council (FRC) will team up again for a webcast discussing their objections to the proposed health care reform bill. Democrats in the House of Representatives have called for a vote on the health care reform bill this week.

The online event will be held Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. Eastern and can be viewed at the AFA Web site. It will feature AFA President Tim Wildmon; Republican Congressmen Mike Pence of Indiana and Charles Boustany of Louisiana; FRC President Tony Perkins; and Douglas Johnson of National Right to Life.


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