Chilean Miners’ ‘Pastor’ Tells All in New Book

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Zondervan and its Spanish-language division, Editorial Vida, will simultaneously publish a book by José Henríquez—one of the Chilean miners rescued last year who was regarded as “the pastor” of the group.

To be released Oct. 12, the first anniversary of the rescue, Miracle in the Mine will tell Henríquez’s spiritual journey leading up to the mine collapse—which drew worldwide attention—and the group’s rescue after being trapped underground for 69 days. Thirty-three miners from Mina San José, Chile, were trapped 2,300 feet below the earth’s surface, surrounded by more than 700,000 tons of unstable rock.

“I’m eager to share how our faith in God helped me and my friends to survive this experience,” Henríquez says. “Although I have not fully embraced our so-called ‘celebrity’ status, if writing this book will serve to bring others to know the truth of God’s Word, then my experience will have been for good.”

Verne Kenney, Zondervan’s executive vice president of sales, adds: “José’s steadfast faith in God played a key role in helping these men survive this remarkable ordeal, and we hope the experience of these men will touch the hearts and inspire everyone who reads their story.”

Retailing for $11.99 (Spanish) and $19.99 (English), Miracle in the Mine will have a first printing of 250,000 copies.

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