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Smith Wigglesworth

Verily, verily I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life. I am that bread of life. —John 6:47–48

I tell you there is a redemption, there is an atonement in Christ, a personality of Christ to dwell in you. There is a godlikeness for you to attain unto, a blessed resemblance of Christ, of “God in you” that shall not fail if you believe the Word of God.

Were you ever able to fathom the fullness of that redemption plan that came to you through believing in Jesus? In the first place, He was “of God.” He was called “The Word.” He became flesh! Then, He was filled with the Holy Ghost. Then, He became the “operation” or “voice.”

Jesus was the operation of the Word, by the power of God through the Holy Ghost, and so He became “the Authority.”

You are born of an incorruptible power of God, born of the Word, who has the personality, the nature of God. You were begotten of God, and you are not your own. You are now incarnated, so you can believe that you have passed from death unto life and have become an heir of God and a joint heir of Christ in the measure in which you believe His Word.

Thank You, Jesus, for birthing Thy Word in me
that I might live by and feed upon
Thy Word continually. Amen.

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