Bathroom Bill Battle Ensues in Connecticut

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Jennifer LeClaire

restroom sign

restroom sign
A battle over the so-called “Bathroom Bill” is getting underway in Connecticut on Wednesday.

The Family Institute of Connecticut Action is holding a Pro-Family Lobby Day at noon at the state Capitol to stop HB 6599, better known as the Bathroom Bill. Specifically, HB 6599 is a transgender special rights measure that would permit any man who
claims female “gender identity” access to women’s
facilities, including public and private women’s restrooms, locker rooms
and showers. The bill also states that these individuals cannot be excluded from any job statewide.

“Using the language of equality, supporters of the Bathroom Bill claim that it only seeks to prevent discrimination,” says Family Institute of Connecticut Action President Peter Wolfgang. “They insist that the bill not contain common sense measures, such as preventing men dressed as women (but sexually attracted to women) from using women’s public bathrooms, showers, changing rooms and locker rooms, demonstrates otherwise.”

This type of amendment is included in Connecticut’s current gender anti-discrimination laws. Wolfgang asks a pointed question: Why not this bill?

“HB 6599 is subjective and vague. Terms such as ‘gender expression’ and ‘gender identity’ vary by person and include such vagaries as ‘mannerisms.’ Women and families that object will be bigots under the law,” Wolfgang says. “It takes away parental rights to object to cross-dressing persons—or persons who permanently express characteristics of both sexes—teaching in the classroom. It even prevents adults from regulating such behavior by the students. Parents, principals and school board members that object will find themselves bigots under Connecticut law.”

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