Awakening America Alliance Calls for 21 Days of Prayer

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The Awakening America Alliance is making a nationwide call for
21 days of corporate prayer and fasting in January 2011.

Now in its third
year, the prayer movement known as “21 Days for a New
Awakening” calls on Christians to earmark 21 days during January to pray
for a fresh awakening in every heart in the nation.

“Millions of
Americans now teeter on the precipice of spiritual destruction surrounded by
darkness. Radical action will be required for the American church to experience
the renewal needed to rescue them,” says Billy Wilson,
executive director for the International Center for Spiritual Renewal, the
Awakening America Alliance and Empowered21. “We are calling Christian believers
to join us for 21 days of intense consecration in January of 2011 so that those
who are spiritually captive can go free and we can experience a new Christ
awakening in our nation.”

Why the urgency?
Consider the signs of the times.

During the first
decade of the 21st century, Americans are witnessing worldwide persecution of
Christians, a catastrophic terrorist attack on U.S. soil, a Supreme Court
decision upholding partial-birth abortions, and severe economic hardship from
an ongoing recession. As Wilson sees it, Americans are entering the second
decade with great uncertainty of what the future might hold in the coming days
and years—and prayer changes things.

greatest need is spiritual. Last year we witnessed perhaps the greatest season
of fasting in American history. We believe that participation this year will be
even greater,” Wilson says. “We are not fasting to be heard on high or to merit
God’s favor—this should never be done and doesn’t work anyway. We can never
merit God’s grace. However, we are bowing our hearts together through fasting
and prayer that God would awaken this generation to Christ and position us to
be used in the American harvest.”

Do you agree with Wilson’s call to
prayer? Will you be participating? Let me know in the comment box below.

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