Anti-Christian Extremists Attack Churches in South Asia

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GFA church extremists

GFA church extremists
Two church buildings in one area of South Asia were recently targeted
by anti-Christian extremists. Both churches have GFA-supported
missionaries serving as their pastors.

The first, a brand-new church building, was vandalized, and construction was halted on the second.

Ayukta Reddy’s new church building was finally complete and the
congregation was preparing for the building dedication when vandals
broke the windows and the glass in the door. They also painted the name
of a local god on the door. The vandalism occurred on Wednesday.

A few miles away, a second church was sabatoged on that same day.
This time it was a church under construction. Gospel for Asia-supported
missionary M.S. Patil serves as pastor of the church. He reports that
some local anti-Christian extremists filed a legal complaint against
him, accusing him of illegal construction.

He went to the police station and answered the complaint, but no one
would listen. Instead he found out that the building permit for the
project was revoked and that he would have to reapply for a new permit
before construction could resume.

Both of these missionaries are asking for Christians to join them in prayer for the vandals so they can fully comprehend the love of Jesus.

Ayukta asks for prayer for the Lord’s protection from those who are
scheming to do evil against the church. He also asks for believers to
pray the church members will be able to adequately repair the damage in
time to dedicate the building to the Lord.

Patil requests prayer that the new building permit will be approved
and that the Lord will strengthen him and his congregation to withstand
the enemy and overcome this problem.

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