Answered Prayers Spark Wrath of Anti-Christian Extremists

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Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Murli Ghulam was released from
prison, but he is restricted from traveling outside his own village.
Additional details about Murli’s ministry and the events leading to his
release are also being reported.

Murli was arrested on July 2 as he was leading a prayer meeting in a
believer’s home and charged with bribing and forcing people to convert
to Christianity. The charge was brought by anti-Christian extremists in
his village.

Murli lives in an area with strict laws that make it
difficult to share the love of Jesus with people from the area’s
traditional religions. These statutes, which are often used as a basis
of arresting Christian pastors, are known as “freedom of religion laws”
and outline what steps must be taken to change one’s faith. In some
places where there are “freedom of religion laws,” individuals are
legally obligated to submit paperwork to the government before they are
allowed to publicly follow Christ.

As a result of Murli’s ministry, dozens of people have embraced the
love of Christ. When this happens, it generally stirs up the anger of
the local followers of the traditional faiths, who often complain about
the missionary’s activities to the police. This appears to be what
happened to Murli.

Changed Lives Show Christ’s Power
After his release, Murli told a GFA correspondent about several
dramatic answers to prayer that have occurred as part of his ministry,
which may have brought the wrath of anti-Christian extremists down on

Sheenu Manim’s Story
Sheenu Manim used to wander around her village asking every young man
she met “Will you marry me?” Sheenu had a mental illness, and no one
knew how to help her. In January 2010, some people from her village
brought Sheenu to Murli and asked him to pray for her. He prayed for the
healing power of Jesus Christ to fall on the 25-year-old’s life, and
God answered his prayer. From that day on, Sheenu was in her right mind
and began proclaiming the love of Christ in her village and telling
everyone about His healing in her life. A group of anti-Christian
extremists asked her who prayed for her healing, and she gladly told
them about Murli and gave them his phone number.

Panjit Lukkise’s Story
Panjit Lukkise was the target of a witchdoctor’s vengeful wrath. The
witchdoctor summoned evil spirits to attack Panjit with the goal of
ending his life. It seemed to be working; Panji’s health started to
fail. The 40-year-old man went from doctor to doctor, spending all of
his family’s money seeking a cure. He was incredibly weak and could
barely keep any food down. His health continued to go downhill. But then
the family heard about Murli and carried Panjit to the missionary’s
doorstep. Murli cried out to God on Panjit’s behalf, and this suffering
man experienced full healing. He ran back to his village and shared the
wonders Christ had performed in his life. Because of Panjit’s testimony,
80 people chose to follow Jesus in that one village.

Sunil Andamimad’s Story
Sunil Andamimad had a painful ulcer in his stomach. The ulcer perforated
his stomach, and he was hospitalized and in great pain. When the
doctors failed to provide any relief, Sunil begged his family to get him
out of the hospital and to someone who could really help him.

“Please take me to Pastor Murli; he can heal me!” Sunil pleaded.

When Murli heard Sunil’s request, he prayed and Sunil got a little
better. Then Murli asked his church members to pray and fast for seven
days for Sunil. At the end of that week Sunil was healed.

Jagon and Mushi Gopal’s Story
Jagon and Mushi Gopal were living a nightmare. They lived in an area
that was prolific with idol and spirit worship. By actively
participating in these practices, the couple opened themselves to the
dangers, and soon, they were personally attacked by an evil spirit. This
torment continued for 10 years. Murli heard about their condition and
traveled 24 miles to the couple’s home just to pray for them. At the
name of Jesus, the evil spirit fled and their lives have changed
dramatically. Both husband and wife chose to follow Christ, and a church
was started in their home. The church is growing and adding many new
members each week.

Fear And Anger Over New Faith
Several local anti-Christian extremist groups were horrified at the
changes they were seeing in their villages as many people abandoned
their traditional religions and chose to worship Christ. They filed a
police complaint charging Murli forcing people to convert to

Murli was arrested the day after the charges were filed against him.
His accusers urged the police to deny bail for Murli and keep him in
jail. But Murli did not worry about the pressure. “My Lord, whom I
serve, will make a way for me to come out from jail,” he said.

When they heard their pastor had been arrested, believers from
several villages rushed to the jail and began telling the police their
“Jesus has healed me.”
“Jesus has blessed me.”
“We ourselves willingly come to worship Him.”
“Who said that Pastor Murli is changing our religion? No! He never
forced me to change my religion. He just prayed and shared the Good
News, which I never knew before.”

They also threatened to stage a peaceful protest outside the jail until their pastor was released.

When the police heard the testimonies of these believers, they granted Murli bail, and he was released within the hour.

Murli is back teaching God’s principles to an average crowd of 250
people on Sundays. Since they don’t have a church building, Murli leads
Sunday worship in his home.

Murli asks that you continue to pray for him, that God would protect
him and his family from danger and opposition. Also pray for God’s
guidance and abundant grace on the pastor.

He also asks for prayer that those who brought the charges against him would embrace the love of Christ.

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