300 Indian Churches Set to Memorize Scripture

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Jennifer LeClaire


What would happen if people all started memorizing passages from their Bible? They would have recall on hundreds of verses. They would be able to witness with accurate scripture passages even without a Bible in front of them. They would be able to start a revolution.

Thus in the recent General Assembly meeting of Evangelical Free Church of India, an important and challenging decision was made.

“One of the significant resolutions adopted during this assembly was the declaration of 2011 and 2012 [as] the years of Bible reading and memorization,” explains Mawii Pudaite with Bibles For the World who, along with her husband, was in attendance at the assembly.

The decision marks a commitment to encourage believers in northeastern India, in particular, to start reading more and memorizing more of Scripture for the next two years. The Evangelical Free Church of India represents over 300 congregations from more than 20 tribes.

Children supported by Bibles for the World sponsors already have begun to memorize verses in the books of John and Proverbs. As these children learn to hide God’s Word in their hearts, their hard work will eventually bear much fruit among nonbelievers.

“There will be a revival of Bible reading and committing to memory those significant verses that will be helpful for their daily lives,” notes Pudaite.

The main concern of Bibles for the World, however, is the serious shortage of Bibles. People simply cannot memorize Scripture if it’s not available to them. Pudaite says in this region of India, most believing families have one Bible per household. Most Indian women-especially housewives-have never had a Bible to call their own.

Before the two-year commitment can really get off the ground, Pudaite says, “We must first meet the urgent need for a large supply of Bibles for everyone who would participate in this life-changing program.”

Bibles for the World is responding by printing thousands of New Testaments and distributing them to all who wish to participate in the 2011-2012 Bible challenge. The ministry is even printing special edition large print versions for those who do not have electricity.

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