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Tony Campolo and Mary Albert Darling | Jossey Bass

While the 21st century offers many ways to communicate—smart phones, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, instant messaging—paradoxically, these wonderful technologies can leave people feeling alienated and disconnected.

In Connecting Like Jesus: Practices for Healing, Preaching, and Teaching, sociologist and preacher Tony Campolo and communications expert Mary Albert Darling have combined forces to bridge the gap of interpersonal distance. Their goal: to help people “relate to others in ways that deeply satisfy the deepest needs of our souls.”

Divided into three parts—Connecting Like Jesus, Practices of Soul Healing, and Practices for Teaching and Healing—the book focuses on important themes, including self-awareness, overcoming fear and redeeming conflict.

Connecting Like Jesus is an essential resource for churches and religious organizations. Yet it holds a broad appeal and will aid students, seminarians, counselors, church leaders and lay people. In sum, it will intrigue any reader interested in how the Holy Spirit and spiritual practices can work together to break down walls between people. 

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