How Prophetic Evangelism Is Impacting Change in Today’s Culture

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Candice Smithyman

Dr. Candice Smithyman, host of Manifest His Presence on the Charisma Podcast Network, recently interviewed apostle Stacey Campbell, founder of Shiloh Global about how prophecy can impact today’s culture.

Apostle Campbell is passionate about teaching young people and rescuing them from the evils of sex trafficking and difficult situations. She also taught many ministry leaders the power of using prophetic evangelism.

Today, our culture is in need of understanding how to prophesy into the confusion of our world and the effects of cancel culture we are all faced with. Apostle Campbell believes that raising up prophets into the seven spheres of influence will help God’s people bring His comfort to those in need today.

“Prophecy is so practical and so relevant particularly for this hour in which we live when there is so much fear, when everything is new and people don’t know what is coming,” Campbell says. “But it never catches God by surprise. He knows what is coming.”

Campbell has been prophesying for 10 years about the great shift in the world today and she says, “The Lord is on the throne, He is leading the way, He is working all things for the good pleasure of His will and I feel excited about this season.”

For more information on this subject watch Candice’s full interview with apostle Stacey Campbell on her Glory Road tv show and get these questions answered.

How can we join God in prophesying for change in today’s culture? What are some keys to prophesying effectively? Can God use anybody to prophesy? How can we prepare our hearts to be a blessing prophetically and hear clearer from God?

For more info on apostle Stacy Campbell ministry and her courses go to www.Shilohglobal.com.

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