The Holy Spirit Leads an Open Mind

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Decision-making is important to the care and feeding of a team.

A leader’s legacy is a collection of decisions made while leading a team. Seemingly small decisions will be remembered by those affected.

Large decisions can change the outcomes of a business for many years.

The fuel for better decision-making is foundational to loving leadership. Compassionate listening engages a team and produces meaningful feedback. An informed leader hears more than his own voice.

An informed leader remains open-minded. Input and data are change agents. Loving leaders ask many questions prior to making a key decision.

There is no need to meet with a closed-minded leader. A decision has already been made.

It isn’t a matter of the right decision or a wrong one. It is always the goal of an effective leader to make a better decision. Better decisions are not made in a vacuum.

Open-minded leaders are always learning yet decisive at key moments. Paralysis by analysis doesn’t lead to better decisions—it leads to procrastination. Effective leaders make quick decisions but not fast ones. Once a leader has heard from informed teammates, it’s much easier to take quick action.

Leaders who love develop their team with training and inclusion. We can’t expect a young leader to make better decisions without a place at the table and a voice in the process. Allow young leaders an opportunity to make mistakes. Better decisions grow from experiences and accountability.

Jesus listened to others as they attempted to answer His questions. He spoke in parables to encourage the student and confound the wise.

Every question led to a truth worth learning.

Jesus opened minds.

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