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  • Christians Show Support for Israel on Capitol Hill

    Christians Show Support for Israel on Capitol Hill

    Thousands of Christians met in Washington, D.C., to do what some say the Obama administration has been reluctant to do: stand unwaveringly with Israel.Roughly 4,500 people gathered in late July for the fifth annual Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Washington Summit, where they lobbied lawmakers to maintain the nation's historic support for Israel and declared…

  • Twilight: A Parent’s Guide to the Vampire Series

    Twilight: A Parent’s Guide to the Vampire Series

    A parent’s guide to the biggest teen vampire series in history Since Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series debuted in 2005, the four books about love-struck teenage vampires, werewolves and humans have taken the world by storm. More than 100 million copies have sold worldwide, and translation rights have been purchased in 50 nations. The first film

  • COGIC Church Takes Gospel Door-to-Door

    COGIC Church Takes Gospel Door-to-Door

    A Pentecostal church in Southern California has taken to heart Jesus’ commandment to go and make disciples. The members of Love and Unity Church of God in Christ in Compton have visited every door in their city three times, and recently began working on the neighboring city of Carson. Last year, the 2,600-member congregation logged

  • Christians Flee Iraq in Wake of Concerted Attacks

  • Voices of a New Generation

    For the last year, Gabriel Ahn and the Southern California youth ministry he leads have been praying for what he believes will be the greatest revival the world has ever seen. “We fall on our face, we humble ourselves before God,” Ahn says. “That’s why we call ourselves Remnant—the remnant of Israel was the group

  • A Time to Weep

    THIS TEAM OF 12 NIGERIAN INTERCESSORS HAD BEEN PREPARING THEIR MESSAGE FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS.A group of women from Nigeria known as the Wailing Women traveled to the United States to share one word--a compilation of a series of prophetic messages they say the Lord had given them--with as many Christians as possible. The…

  • Setting Believers Free

    APOSTLE KIMBERLY DANIELS TRAVELS THE WORLD TEACHING CHRISTIANS HOW TO OPERATE IN DELIVERANCE MINISTRY. Apostle Kimberly Daniels has always been a fighter. As a child, she made it a point to get in at least one fight every day and formed a gang with the tough- est girls in her school. As an adult she…

  • Revive Us, Precious Lord

    A new Pentecostal fervor is stirring in America's black mainline churches. Leaders of this movement say the Holy Spirit is breaking centuries-old traditions.

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