Adrian Brooks

  • China’s Emerging Church

    The underground church has grown as quickly as China’s economy. Although religious freedom is increasing in the nation, Christian persecution is far from over.

  • The Islands Will Worship Him

    In Fiji, where Christians have been divided for years, spiritual renewal has engulfed a nation--and its president has publicly led his people in repentance.

  • A Dark World Down Under

    In Australia, where people create their own religion with crystals, spirit guides and holistic medicine, Christians are offering New Agers the path to truth. After years of searching for lasting quality in a bazaar of esoteric beliefs, Dorothy Bond’s pursuit of New Age enlightenment foundered. Her quest had taken her around the world, relieved her

  • Fragile East Timor Economy Boosted By Australian Pentecostals

    Two Assemblies of God churches in Sydney are aiding the nation in the aftermath of devastating ethnic violence.

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