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Unmasking False Prophets with Mario Murillo

Written by Stephen Strang

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With the modern Pentecostal/charismatic renewal has come the resurgence of Spiritual gifts. In the past few decades, a prophet movement has developed. Men like Bishop Bill Hammond and the late Peter Wagner were well known for teaching on the prophetic and its importance in the life of the church.

One of the gifts of the Spirit is the gift of prophecy. The New Testament is full of stories about prophecy. Paul foretold his own arrest and taught the early church that they must test prophecy.

In my new book Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World, I include a chapter about this and give examples of how modern-day prophets have made a huge difference. I also tell some stories of where I’ve been prophesied to, or have seen prophecies come true.

One of those was the prophecy by Kim Clement that someone like Donald Trump would be elected president for two terms. My book God and Donald Trump was my effort to document those prophecies that came true with Trump’s election in 2016.

Mixed with accurate prophesies are the false prophesies, or shall I say false prophets. These false prophets have always been with us. Jesus even warned of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Paul warned the early church against false prophets. False prophets actually cause Christians to be suspicious of all prophecy. But who warns Christians today?

In our day, and especially in the charismatic movement, few leaders are willing to speak up. They rationalize that the false prophecies are outside their own circles and outside their area of authority. They have a “live and let live” attitude, which is a very American way of seeing things, but is hardly biblical when it comes to false prophecies.

My long-time friend Mario Murillo is one of the few who have spoken up to say enough is enough. He has lost friends and been criticized for calling out prophets he believes are false.

There is another type of prophecy that isn’t by a “false prophet,” but also can be wrong. It is difficult to determine whether some prophecies come true because the prophecy is not specific or there is a timing issue. Other times it’s clear; for whatever reason, the prophet just missed it.

One young prophet named Jerimiah Johnson rose to prominence because of his dreams and prophesies, some of them about Trump. Before the 2020 election, he had a dream that three things would happen and two did. First, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series. Second, Amy Coney Barrett was named to the U.S. Supreme Court. And finally, that Donald Trump would be re-elected to a second term.

When Trump was not re-elected, Johnson felt the Lord told him to apologize publicly for his wrong prophecy. He shut down his Jeremiah Johnson Ministries and moved to another state and started over.

I recently interviewed him on my Strang Report podcast and Johnson told me about all the hate mail and attacks he endured. It wasn’t from secular people, who don’t believe in Christian prophecy, nor was it the radical Left who were his harshest critics. It was mostly Christians who were also rabid Trump supporters who desperately wanted those prophesies about Trump being re-elected to come true. Their attacks weren’t so much that his prophecies were wrong but that Johnson had turned his back on Trump.

As I said in my podcast with Johnson, I admire the humility he showed by apologizing. He is now experiencing great blessing because of it.

I’m calling on leaders to say enough is enough and to “police” our own by giving correction as the New Testament says Christian leaders should. The way Paul corrected Peter on preaching a double-standard for Gentile believers living up to Jewish laws rather than being free in Christ.

The time has come for leaders to meet to discuss what to do. In this upside-world, it’s more important than ever for the body of Christ to have our act together. We must stand against this attack by Satan on the church trying to throw us off track. We must bring reproach to the body of Christ where needed.

Mario Murrillo has spoken up. Now I’m speaking up.

Who will stand with us?

Stephen Strang is founding editor of Charisma. His latest book, Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World, is available at

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