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The Spirit-Led Battle for Our Children’s Souls

Written by John Amanchukwu

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Arnold Glasow said, “One of the tests of leadership is to recognize a problem before it has already become an emergency.”

Well, there is a problem. And in some respects, there is an emergency. To a certain degree, there are many leaders who do not recognize that there is a problem and as a result, we are in a state of emergency. And that is why on any given evening, you will find me at a school board meeting around the country, using my allotted time, usually two to three minutes, to passionately speak about and defend the very least of these, our children. I have no qualms, do not mind traveling long distances nor will I back away from those who may try to misrepresent me as I fight the cultural war which is raging.

At Stake: Our Children’s Souls

I realize that what is at stake are the souls of our children; those who usually cannot speak up and fight for themselves. And so, since I decided to make Jesus my choice, I’ve put on my traveling shoes going from city to city to turn right side up that which has been turned upside down. It is apparent that my appearances have been causing quite a stir in many circles. There are those who support me, but also those who try to detract from what I am doing; in fact, accusing me of being everything but a Christian, a man of God. One such accuser says I’m guilty of “harassing school boards in his home state of North Carolina and taking his bigoted show on the road.”

In the face of the detractors and negative rhetoric, I stand resolute and flatfooted. In fact, I see it as more fuel for the fire in this spiritual fight for our children’s souls. I see it as another opportunity to take an uncompromising stand on the Lord’s side and boldly declare His truth.

An article accused me of anti-gay bigotry, and harassing school board members who support welcoming school environments for all students. It is simply amazing how the true bigots, those who are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with their opinions, set themselves to repeatedly pressure, intimidate and bother us to the point of exhaustion; to the point where we are backed into a corner, pushed off to the sidelines and reminded to stay silent while they accuse us of the very same things that they are guilty of doing. That is their goal: accuse them before they accuse you and keep saying it until you wear them out.

My response is simple: let them keep talking. My impetus comes from the Lord empowering me to do what I do. His Holy Spirit gives me the power I need to stand up for the truth at the school board meetings and everywhere else I am invited to speak. Though I face the accusation, as Paul did in Acts 16:20, that I am there to disturb the public peace, as they say, with “intentionally inflammatory rhetoric,” I am emboldened even more by the Holy Spirit to do what Paul did in rectifying the injustice that was being done. It is not enough to merely sit by and spectate with some lemonade and popcorn while the battle is being waged against what matters most.

The truth of God is under attack; the war is raging and one of the casualties is our children. We cannot pretend we do not see the signs of the times. Ignorance is not bliss. As Plato said, “Ignorance, the root and stem of every evil.”

Part of my goal is to take away that crutch from so many that see but say that they are unaware, that they did not know. I also want to educate those who really do not know. After realizing the truth, however, there is a responsibility that we have. My question is—Now that you do know, what are you going to do about it?

It is interesting to note that just as the men in Acts 16 used this occasion to come against Paul and Silas, likewise, today, I, a Southern gospel preacher, am being reproached by naysayers and so will you, once you decide to take a stand.

Beyond The Article | Taking a Stand: John Amanchukwu’s Fight Against Inappropriate Content

The Answers for the Battle Ahead

Just recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to appear on Charisma’s Stephen Strang’s podcast. It was here that I shared with him that allowing students to have access to LGBTQ books is an attack on our children’s souls. It is true that we are seeing those who support special interests push their agenda upon children. It is indoctrination. I use that term often; I also call it grooming. It is an ongoing assault, it stains the brain and it robs children of their innocence!

We would not stand idly by and not defend children in harm’s way. The question then is why do we think it is OK to mute ourselves while those who stand in opposition to the Word of God take aim at our children, intentionally trying to sexualize them and normalize deviant behavior? In other words, without their consent and well below the age of legal consent, our children are being forcibly inundated with all manner of perverse lifestyles. Why is it that we are distancing ourselves and stepping back into the shadows as their young minds are deluged with ungodly words, pictures, thoughts and suggestions? Someone has to say something! Where are we, church? As I heard one prolific pastor, Bishop Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. say, “Is there not a cause? Is there not a thing? Is there not a concern? Is there not a matter? Is there not an answer? Is there not a solution?”

The answer is a resounding yes! That is why I will not wave the white flag of surrender to those who use their platform to try and shame me or anyone else who dares to come down on the side of God and what is right. The hypocritical slanderers in today’s culture call right wrong and vice versa and dare us to stand for what we know is right. The ones who labeled me the “book banning pastor” banned the book that I preach from. They are the original book bandits. They are the same ones who seek to destroy our children.

Disgusting False Equivalence with the Civil Rights Movement

I was invited recently to speak at a local school board meeting in Temecula Valley, where they were discussing a proposed California school curriculum that included content about Harvey Milk, a homosexual activist. As I waited for my turn to speak and listened to all that was being said, I developed a list of “Ten Things that Black Students Don’t Need at School.” This was in response to a liberal ideology that gives moral equivalence between black and homosexual rights.

It is evident that proponents of the homosexual agenda and those who are in support of this curriculum are trying to say that the Civil Rights Movement’s struggle is tantamount to what the LGBTQ community is going through today as it relates to discrimination. That falsehood had, and still has, to be debunked. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is our duty to protect that which He has set in order.

Over the last year, I have been speaking at school board meetings. As a result, I have amassed over 150 million views across several social media platforms. This is not because there is a trending fad that is taking place, but partly because there is a growing realization that our children are under attack. There is a very real threat, and our response must be quick, sharp and powerful. The well-being of our children depends on it.

The enemy is serious about destroying our seed. Unfortunately, there is no time for pleasantries, but isn’t that how it is in battle? I hope that those who sit on these school boards see the error of their ways. I hope that they stop and consider the harm that is being done to these young minds and their bright futures. I hope that if they don’t know Jesus Christ in the pardon of their sins, that they will.

But if they do not, we must be prepared to sacrifice our time and attend school board meetings and let our voices be heard.

If we are unable to go, we must put our support behind those who will go in our stead. We must vote not along party lines per se, but the plumbline—that which aligns with the Word of God.

Whatever we do, we must not back down, despite the jabs. We must accept the fact that we will face those who will try to cancel us, shout us down or even turn a deaf ear to us. We must be persistent and resolute in the mission at hand. We must be led by the Spirit of God, sometimes into uncharted territory, even as if the Red Sea was in front of us.

Since we already know that God has us in His hand, let’s get busy being about our Father’s business. There is much work to do. A state of emergency has been declared! The Lord has need of you.

What is your answer to Him? 

Pastor John K. Amanchukwu, Sr., is an influential preacher, author and activist who spreads God’s truth zealously and without fear. He is the First Assistant and Youth & Young Adult Pastor at the Upper Room Church of God in Christ. He and his wife Crystal have three beautiful children.

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