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For nearly fifty years, Charisma magazine has dedicated itself to empowering believers to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. As we continue to provide coverage of everything that God is doing across our nation and world, we are grateful and humbled to see the impact we’ve had on our customers over the years.

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“If people really knew how much God loves them it would change their lives. His unfailing love cannot be shaken.”

—Ron Ziegler, via email

“The news through most of 2022 was dark and getting worse. Thank you, Charisma, for finding the light and bringing it to us.”

—Zane Aaronnson, Spring Valley, MN

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“Charisma painted a reassuring picture of how God is bringing blessings in the worst conditions.”

—Roger Smith, Franklin, TN

“Charisma magazine, in my opinion, is required reading for all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ!”

—Pastor Gary Dudley, Oakmont, PA


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