Dog the Bounty Hunter Talks Spiritual Warfare and Faith

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Abby Trivett

When people think of Dog the Bounty Hunter, they may not think of a warrior in the spiritual realm. However, he may have more experience with the supernatural than anyone thought.

Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, discussed with the Christian Post the traumatic things he’s seen firsthand.

“I have arrested and seen men that would do terrible things to little children as young as six months old. That is demonic possession. That is evil at its max,” Chapman said.

Chapman has become more vocal about his faith in Christ, opening up about his journey in his new book. After spending much of his life chasing down felons, he’s seen how the grace of God is needed for all people.

“I’m supposed to follow the steps of Jesus, as I be Christlike. So I’m going to take as many felons to heaven that I can,” Chapman told Jesse Watters.

Chapman says that God is the one who sustained him through the toughest situations in his life. From losing his daughter and later his wife, to the heartbreaking struggles of dealing with those who have committed heinous crimes, Chapman recognizes how God’s hand has been on his life during these challenges.

“The Bible says that he who has forgiven the most has to give the most. I’ve been forgiven a lot. So, I have to give more than you,” Chapman said.

Chapman also refers to the Scripture and how it says that the end of days will be the time when God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh.

“So many guys and girls are confessing their faith. God’s Spirit is pouring out on all flesh…The pouring out of God’s Spirit is out there,” Chapman said.

Chapman’s faith is a testament that we are meant to love one another in the self-sacrificial way that Jesus loved us. No matter how dark the past, no matter what kind of actions someone has done in the past, God is still chasing after them. He desires a relationship with each of us, and He will continue to pursue us even through the testimony of someone like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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