Demon Attacks Woman in Bed, Followed by Angelic Encounter

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Abby Trivett

For Tamara Mitchell, there is no second-guessing if the spiritual realm is real or not.

After growing up attending both Baptist and Pentecostal churches, she found herself dabbling in in new age practices, even against her better judgment. Little did she know that with this study of darkness, combined with hidden generational curses, she would find herself being attacked by demonic forces.

“I was in bed one night and I felt this, something crawling across my bed,” Mitchell said in an exclusive interview with Charisma Magazine Online. “[it] ended up jumping on me. And it lifted me up out of my bed. I don’t know, maybe a foot in the air. And it was trying to just get into me.”

In this terrifying moment, what does someone do? There is only one plausible answer. Scripture tells us that whosever shall call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. The spiritual realm isn’t just real; its impact affects us even in the physical world. However, while there are rulers and powers and principalities of this world that are seeking to kill and destroy every bit of our lives, the name of Jesus is greater and above all these demonic powers.

In contrast to the demons who desire nothing more than to physically and spiritually murder God’s children, the Lord’s spiritual camp has the power to protect and give peace so we can be equipped for the plans that lie ahead of us, something Mitchell experienced in a different spiritual encounter.

“…it was an angel, and it started coming toward me,” Mitchell said. “And she said, ‘Come here my child. The Lord sent me to you so that you could get sleep.’”

After that, Mitchell audibly heard the voice of the Lord tell her that His plans for her were big, and she would need sleep to carry it out.

These experiences—both with the demonic and angelic forces—would be exactly what God would use for Mitchell to become the person He always intended for her to be. From a life change of moving away from South Florida to taking herself through self-deliverance where she physically saw manifestations of generational bondages release from her body, the reality of the spiritual realm was not only opened up to her and her family, but it empowered her to step out in a calling to deliverance ministry centered on women and youth.

“It’s amazing because deliverance has really brought me to a place where I want to share this with women and I want to teach my youth,” Mitchell said. “That’s what I’m teaching my youth group kids: how to cleanse yourselves, how to find your identity in Christ, how to…not be distracted by the world.”

No matter what the enemy has thrown your way, regardless of your background, your family’s background or any other experiences you may have had, the truth is that God is still on the throne, and there is not one curse that He cannot break, and not one demonic spirit that He cannot cast out because His Holy Spirit supersedes all other spiritual forces.  

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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