Bunni Pounds Reveals the Power of Prayer in Politics

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Abby Trivett

From advocating for social justice to championing human rights, Christians have often been at the forefront of political movements striving for positive change. In her special interview with Charisma Magazine Online, Bunni Pounds is sharing exactly how the people of God should tackle the issues of politics in their everyday lives, and how it can be used to reignite a fervor for the Lord.

“There’s an awakening happening with the people of God, and they’re wanting more of God,” Pounds said.  “Intercessors, people of prayer can make a huge impact when they come, specifically to Washington D.C. or to our state houses and state senates.”

It is Christians who play a vital role in protecting our religious freedom. Christians are often at the forefront of efforts to defend the rights of individuals to practice their faith without fear of persecution or discrimination. Just as Christians are called to pray for a shift in the political realm, Christians are called to actively engage in the continued fight for the welfare and benefit of those that are in political leadership and for those who will be affected by the policies implemented by the leadership.

“Pray every week, five minutes a week for their nation, vote in every election and engage in some form of civic education or involvement for the well-being of America,” Pounds advises.

With every form of godly honesty, compassion and justice, Christians are not called to run away from the messiness of politics, but rather we are supposed to run toward it. When Christians are involved in politics, we not only bring worthwhile values into the governmental system, but those values transcend into real changes within society.

Yet, we live in a culture where we separate our faith from every other sector of life because taking God outside of the church can stir up uneasy feelings from both those outside of the faith and even those in it. However, we know that the power of God is not limited to the four walls of the church. If God wants to transform something within the world, He will do it.

“Can His precious, written words not spring to life for us in the midst of our mundane lives,” Pounds asks in her feature article of Charisma Magazine Online. “Can He use ordinary citizens full of the Spirit of God to impact candidates and elected officials with His glory?”

As you pray and consider how you would like to engage with politics, remember, it is by the prayers and actions of God’s faithful people that will help to spark a spiritual and cultural revival in our nation that so desperately needs a fresh outpouring from the Lord.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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