6 Areas to Pray for Deliverance From the Evil One

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Abby Trivett

In a crazed and divided world, it’s easy to see the evil all around. There’s the breakdown of the family unit, drugs, violence and addiction, all screaming the vices that have taken hold of our modern-day world. And yet, even in this complete and utter darkness, the Lord’s prayer to “deliver us from evil” is still true, and there is nothing too great to keep us from this promise.

In his exclusive Beyond the Article interview with Charisma Magazine Online, Lee Grady is sharing six ways that believers can pray for deliverance from evil.

“I came up with this strategy to pray, ‘deliver us from evil’ in six different areas,” Grady says.

  1. Deliver us from Lawlessness

“The first one is from lawlessness. Lawlessness and violence, and we are in a lawless crisis moment right now.”

As there have been more vandalisms, news stories that showcase stores that have openly allowed thefts to take place, and businesses that don’t want to get involved with the crimes taking place, Grady says this is one area where it is necessary for us to pray for deliverance.

“We need to pray ‘Lord, deliver us from this madness,’ right, because it’s not going to have a good ending if we allow this to continue,” Grady says.

2. Deliver us from Mental Health Crises.

As we see more and more people deal with mental illness, including younger generations, this prayer for deliverance couldn’t come at any possible better time.

Deliver us from a mental health breakdown because we are in the middle of that right now, and I think it’s only going to get worse if we don’t do something about the border and about the fentanyl that’s pouring into our country,” Grady says.

Drug addiction and abuse is one of the leading factors that Grady sees as a demonic principality that is causing these mental health issues.

3. Deliver us from Media Deception.

While this one seems to be a given from what most of us see in the news today, it’s important to remember that genuine manipulation is happening because of this deception.

“It becomes manipulation, it becomes indoctrination,” Grady says.

4. Deliver us from Perversion.

From the sexualization of our society with the overtake of the LGBTQ agenda and the push of the transgender motives in schools, this is one area we can be certain that deliverance is needed.

“Our culture has been completely sexualized and there’s an agenda that’s being forced on us,” Grady says.

5. Deliver us from Racism.

There has become a narrative that only certain groups can be racist. However, as Grady points out, racism is not based on skin color alone.

“We know that racism comes from the heart. It has nothing to do with your skin color and anybody can be racist,” Grady says. “It’s been embraced by corporate America, it’s been embraced by our university system…You know we all have to search our hearts to get free from that, and you know the church has not always been in a good place about this.”

6. Deliver us from Greed.

“One thing that I did see throughout the pandemic and it’s still very clear to me is that our corporate world has also been controlled by the spirit,” Grady says. “It just feels like people are cutting all kinds of corners in order to make a buck and it’s costing us lives; it’s destructive.”

In a time when prayer and deliverance are not readily discussed even among some Christian circles, it’s important to know that God is our protector and provider, and if we call on His name, He will be with us and keep us even from the darkest of times.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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