We are in the Middle of a ‘Pentecost Reset’

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Abby Trivett

We can never have too much of the Holy Spirit.

In one of his recent messages through Oasis Church, Tim Sheets gave a powerful, prophetic word about the presence of the Lord and the ways God desires to use us as His hands and feet.

“Dec. 4, 2023, Holy Spirit said, ‘You, the people of God, the ekklesia, you are now moving into a new time. The time that I have ordained. I am calling my ekklesia to rise in faith and walk with me in levels of deep trust. Rise in faith, and be sure you’re walking in deep trust. For you are moving into the shaking that I promised,’” Sheets prophesied.

“The fierce war season promised has come. And the birth pangs of reset will now roll through your nation, and will roll through the nations of the world,” Sheets continued.

Now, as we are nearly halfway through 2024, Sheets believes this time of the church being called into something greater through God’s power and authority is vital for where Jesus wants to take us to next. Sheets believes part of the miraculous power and authority of the Holy Spirit that has become present in our world is most evident on the college campuses.

“A mega Pentecost is now,” Sheets said. “This is now happening at levels that we’ve been praying and decreeing for years.”

Sheets acknowledges that while we see an increase in wicked ideologies and agendas being pushed, it isn’t greater than the awakening that the Holy Spirit is pouring out on His people today.

“A Jesus movement is now building. Kids are being saved. They’re being baptized in the fountains of their school. They’re being baptized in nearby streams and rivers. They’re being baptized in the ocean. Hell’s not going to stop this now,” Sheets said.

While a great shaking will come and change things, it is in the movement, in the shaking that the harvest of souls will be found.

The time is coming and is now here where God is asking His people to stand strong, boldly proclaim their faith and see the harvest of souls come into the flock. Are you prepared to share the gospel to anyone who may ask about Christ?

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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