The Five Financial Keys for the Future of the Kingdom

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Abby Trivett

When it comes to end times matters, one of the most overlooked principles is in regards to financial needs. As things continue to shift with technology and with the economic system of the world, believers will need to be prepared for all things that will be heading our way as we await the return of Christ.

In his exclusive interview with Charisma Magazine Online, Tomi Arayomi provides five financial areas of preparation so that Christians can be prepared for all end time trials awaiting us.

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  • This is the time to work out your exit strategy. Arayomi says that this is the time to work out your exit strategy from your current profession if you believe that it may not exist in the coming years due to technological advances.

“There’s a movement out of jobs into sustainability,” Arayomi says. “Whatever job you had before, you’re going to see them becoming redundant…we’re already in that era now where if you’re not working out your exodus out of the job sector, or into jobs that will matter past 2030 you’re going to be in trouble.”

  • Now is the time turn away from money and into investing in the land. Arayomi says this is the time to focus on assets and making yourself knowledgeable and wise with finances. This is a matter of gaining wise counsel and removing yourself from the foolish who have not invested in the future.

“If you’re one of those people that God’s speaking to about property, about land development, don’t just invest in anything. Invest strategically in parts of the land that you know are going to bless you and your family years down the line,” Arayomi says.

  • This is the time to learn how to buy and sell debts. Arayomi says that one of the things he sees coming this year is an economic shaking. Because of this shaking, people must take extra caution not to get into debt. However, in this season God is changing the standard and making it possible for all people to enter into the realm of business.

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“Supernaturally we’re going to see skill coming upon the people of God,” Arayomi says. “They’re going to be able to do things that they couldn’t do before…”

  • Don’t wait for an announcement of World War III. As tensions continue to rise all over the globe, Arayomi’s warning is we shouldn’t wait for the announcement of World War III before recognizing that it has already begun. The season we are in right now is serving as an opportunity for us to prepare for what many of us ultimately see coming.

“In the spirit, wars are declared. Wars are not declared in the natural,” Arayomi says. “Be prepared ahead of time for a season of warfare.”

  • Build your own Goshen. Just as Goshen acted as a refuge for the Israelites during times of trouble, this is the time to allow the Lord to show each of us where our “Goshen” is so that we are safe from the financial, agricultural and governmental struggles that are heading for us as we approach the last days.

“Goshen is the place where you don’t become a victim of the whims of economies,” Arayomi says. “Goshen is the place where you get delivered from the idolatry of election cycles. It’s the place where you actually come into being the president of your house.”

While these strategies require lots of individual prayer, guidance from Scripture and hearing from the Holy Spirit, this is the perfect time to lean into God and ask for His greater plan for each of our lives.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media

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Abby Trivett is copywriter for Charisma and an editorial intern.

Tomi Arayomi (Charisma Magazine YouTube)

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