The Eclipse: Is this America’s ‘Nineveh Moment?’

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CBN News and Dale Hurd

Millions of skywatchers have gathered along a narrow corridor stretching from Mexico to Canada, eagerly awaiting today’s total eclipse of the sun.

Almost everyone in North America will be guaranteed at least a partial eclipse, weather permitting.

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Unfortunately, some areas could only see clouds. The best weather is expected in New England and Canada.

Suelen Moraiz, in Texas for the eclipse, said, “I do have weather concerns but I’m really hopeful that we’re going to have a very good experience.”

Lindsey DeMoss admitted, “Its going to be disappointing definitely if it its cloudy.”

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The timing and location of this particular eclipse has some reading biblical and prophetic significance.

On CBN’s Global Lane program, Reverend Jeff Begley, co-author of “Revelation 911: How the Book of Revelation Intersects with Today’s Headlines,” said, “the fact that it goes over seven cities called ‘Nineveh’ and one called ‘Jonah’, makes you wonder. Is this our Nineveh moment? America, it’s a time to reflect on where we stand on a number of issues.”

The next total solar eclipse in 2026 will only be seen over the Atlantic and in Spain. Alaska will have one in 2033 and the next chance for the lower 48 won’t come for another 20 years.

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