Prophecy: Your Mind Is Under Attack

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Abby Trivett

Is there a global demonic attack against the mental wellbeing of God’s children?

In one of his latest livestreams, Pastor Mike Signorelli shared how a growing issue of mental fog might just be a sign of a spiritual battle being waged against God’s people all over the world.

“There’s many people who have been…suddenly forgetting things, they can’t remember things,” Signorelli says. “They can’t find the words; they’ve been suddenly confused.”

Signorelli says this mental fog isn’t by accident, and it isn’t just an odd physical occurrence. Instead, it is a spiritual attack manifesting in a biological form.

“Spiritual warfare is affecting people on a mental level, so it’s manifesting itself as confusion, it’s doubt, fear, panic, anxiety,” Signorelli says.

He points out that this increase in mental confusion has skyrocketed in the past three to four years, including panic attacks and heart palpitations.

“How many of you have never had palpitations or like a racing heartbeat but all of a sudden in the last three or four years you’ve started?” Signorelli asks.

This prophetic insight comes at a time when warnings from the American Heart Association have just surfaced about intermittent fasting as a potential cause of a higher risk of cardiovascular death. We’ve also seen an increase in young adults especially dying from conditions related to the heart. Perhaps there’s a connection between the mind and the body that the enemy is after.

Signorelli warns of the chemicals placed in foods here in the U.S. that are not legal in other parts of the world as part of a demonic system that desires to take people down straight to the grave.

“You’re seeing healthy, otherwise healthy people suddenly having health issues and struggles. You’re seeing the death rate just unexpectedly climb, and we are experiencing warfare. And that’s why we have to pray like never before,” Signorelli says.

However, there is victory even over mental crisis through the blood of Christ. It is by His Spirit that these demonic strongholds can be torn down. Scripture tells that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

“The Lord’s saying ‘I need you to break through this spiritual warfare to break through the confusion and the mental fog,’” Signorelli says. “That mental fog, you can’t solve it with pills, that mental confusion you can’t solve it with running and exercise exclusively because it’s spiritual in nature.”

During this time, it is critical that we seek the Lord to be first over our minds and bodies, and that we act in accordance with how He is leading us. There is no attack against the mind or the body that is greater than the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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