More Prophetic Voices Shed Light on the Trump Trial

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Abby Trivett

“It seemed like most of the chaos ended in the nation, and things started to heal by July 2025. It had started in April/May 2024 (with the eclipse/conception) and was 40 weeks of pregnancy with intense birth pangs,” Reed prophesied. “There were complications before the birth and after the (40 weeks) birth.”

Reed says this birth happened in January 2025, which we know would be the same time as the inauguration of the next president.

“The baby lived, and it was beautiful. The baby was named ‘America,’” Reed said.

“In the dream he found himself standing next to Trump and in the dream, it was now 2024,” Sheets said. “Trump said, I’ll be a political martyr in the next few years. Not because of my goodness but because God has put the tools in me to tear down, root up and confront the system.”

Sheets cautioned that this dream predicted a long, eight-year process that would take place that would require the help of an extra man to make the changes necessary to salvage America.

“It’ll take two men—me, then another—for the full sweep of power,” Sheets said.

Sheets, however, believes this dream will prevail and that political and spiritual revival will come to our nation.

“The dream also said not to fear. America would survive if we obeyed the Lord,” Sheets promised. “Revival came along with the shaking.”

Sheets says this is the moment, we must stay in the secret place as described in Psalm 91. There will continue to be shaking and movement happen, but if God’s people stick close to the Lord, we will see His goodness in the land of the living.

No matter what you think about the trial and sentencing of Donald Trump or the current condition of America, it’s important to remember that God is greater and far above any tribulation we experience during this lifetime.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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