Jenny Weaver’s Incredible Vision for a Summer of Baptisms

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Abby Trivett

The Holy Spirit placed a dream on Jenny Weaver, and so far, this dream is only beginning.

“It wasn’t a focus of our ministry at all,” Weaver says. “But I remember the Lord speaking to me so clearly, right around Resurrection Sunday and everybody was gearing up for that. And I’m like, ‘okay, Lord, what do you want from us?’”

The answer: get the people to the water.

Weaver decided her ministry, the Core Group, would go down to Clearwater Beach where they would have communion and worship. After, anyone who wanted to be baptized could get baptized. While Weaver thought they may have 50or 60people show up, the masses came out instead.

“We didn’t know it was going to be over 400 something people that came out to the beach. It was absolutely powerful,” Weaver says.

Weaver says she began to have a vision of the ministry traveling to all kinds of different places where they would hold baptism services. Weaver believes there’s a greater significance to what God is doing in the earth right now.

“I believe that it is the Lord getting His church ready. I believe He’s getting us prepared and ready because He’s coming soon. And I don’t want to give a timeframe for that because I’m not that person, because nobody knows the day or the hour. But I do believe this is a part of getting the church prepared,” Weaver says.

“They are going through deliverance…people have shared that they have gone into the water and have been healed. Backs [have] been healed, bodies being healed,” Weaver says.

As the summer continues, we will see how the Holy Spirit will prompt even more people toward the act of baptism.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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