The Call for the Faithful in Government

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Bunni Pounds

Seeing the heart of the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., I find myself grappling with the profound complexities of a consuming atmosphere where the gods of power and prestige take center stage. Reflecting on the visions of our nation’s founders during those early colonial years, it’s clear they could never have foreseen the reality we face within the Capital Beltway today.

Members of Congress and their staff engage in a constant exchange, hurling these talking points laden with their charged words across 24-hour news sources, social media platforms and the venerable chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The disconnection between representatives and their constituents is palpable, as they jet into the epicenter of activity on Mondays only to depart after the last votes on Thursday evenings.

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Within this labyrinth, federal bureaucrats wield influence across executive branch departments, often operating with minimal oversight from our busy legislators. The media exacerbates the situation, amplifying fear, worry and lies, while corporate interests and well-paid lobbyists navigate the intricate dance on Capitol Hill, hindering the progress of sound public policy decisions.

My heart bears the increasing burden for those serving in the federal government, striving to make a difference within systems that seem to have a life of their own. Over the years, I’ve seen many strong individuals work tirelessly to reform and improve the lives of ordinary Americans in this challenging and dysfunctional place, only to eventually leave.

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In the midst of the tumult, I come across fellow Christians who, much like myself, sense a calling to Washington, D.C. We navigate the complexities of politics and government, walking hand in hand with God, immersing ourselves in His Word, and seeking the guidance of His Spirit. However, our presence is scarce. The need for more individuals answering this call is evident, and it’s a responsibility we must wholeheartedly embrace.

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The essence of government, whether federal, state, or local, lies in its people. Institutions, systems, and bureaucracies are mere components of the larger tapestry. Proverbs 29:2 rings true, revealing the direct correlation between righteous leadership and the rejoicing of the people.

It is crucial to understand that the call to people of faith is not to establish a theocracy but to elect more individuals who walk with Jesus into positions of authority. The promise is a nation experiencing more liberty and peace as faith-influenced policies shape our trajectory.

I believe that real change begins with one person’s obedience, one step at a time. By aligning our faith with our actions, we can witness hearts changing and the transformation of our nation, impacting thousands and millions of lives.

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