Steven Curtis Chapman’s Symphony of Faith and Hope to Premiere on TBN

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Abby Trivett

In a candid, exclusive interview with Charisma magazine, Steven Curtis Chapman reflected on the significance of his recently recorded concert performance, which marked a celebration of his 50, No. 1 hit songs and 20 years of his organization, Show Hope.

“I think moments though like this, you know, to celebrate a milestone, a mile marker in the journey, really are just one more opportunity to just be humbled, to be reminded that it’s all God,” Chapman said. “That God is good, that He has been faithful, that I get to sing about what is eternally true.”

The concert, which airs on TBN today, Nov. 24, features Chapman’s collaboration with an orchestra to deliver beautiful arrangements of his chart-topping hits. These hits remind Chapman, with great humility and thanks to God, of the journey he has had over the years, including the time of pressure when he was unsure about the future of his musical career. Instead, this would be the time God would use to renew his strength and provide a testimony that would touch millions through “The Great Adventure.”

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“Things were getting busier, and more successful I guess, in a way than I even imagined when I started,” Chapman said.

After seeing a greater success and awaiting the birth of his third child, Chapman says he was afraid of failure and became unsure of whether or not he was supposed to continue to pursue music.

“I just remember weeping and saying, ‘guys, I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know if I even should be doing this because the toll it’s taken on my family,'” Chapman said. “I know God’s given me these songs and this opportunity, but maybe I’m not supposed to keep doing it or how do I do it.”

It was in this desperation that Chapman’s pastor helped provide him with the biblical advice he needed to keep going. Instead of feeling afraid and concerned about failing and not being enough, he was reminded that his grace and strength are derived directly from Christ.

“He said, ‘because you know this: you write songs about it, but I want to encourage you to remember what the cross is, what Jesus did at the cross. He took all of our failure, all of our not enoughness on Himself,'” Chapman said. “[Jesus said] Yeah, you’re not enough, but I am and My grace is enough for you.”

After realizing the need to lean in on Christ’s goodness and faithfulness, “The Great Adventure” came about and countless lives have since been touched by the song. However, music alone is not the only way that God has used Chapman’s life to have an impact on the world around him. He and his wife’s organization, Show Hope, which has helped over 8,600 families as they’ve adopted children from 63 different countries around the world.

“Show Hope is just a picture of the gospel that we get to put on display for the world,” Chapman said.

As we embark on the Christmas season, it’s stories like Chapman’s that are meant to remind us of God’s goodness and faithfulness no matter what He calls us to do because of His complete faithfulness to us to give us the gift of His one and only Son.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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