Super Bowl LVIII Stars Sharing Their Faith in Jesus

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Will Dawson and CBN News

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are set to square off for Super Bowl LVIII – in many ways a rematch of Super Bowl LIV. The Chiefs are the third team to reach four Super Bowls in the span of five years. And San Francisco is hoping to bring home championship number six.

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A Chiefs win would solidify their position as the NFL’s newest dynasty. For the 49ers, it’s their chance for revenge against the team that beat them on this same stage just a few years ago. 

There are plenty of storylines at play this weekend, and only some of them involve Taylor Swift. As players and coaches make last-minute adjustments to their game plan, stars from both sides say they’re playing for more than just football glory. 

Players from the 49ers and Chiefs alike are proclaiming Christ on sports’s biggest stage, including both of the star quarterbacks – Brock Purdy and Patrick Mahomes.

Approximately 130 million people will tune in to this year’s game, meaning there are a lot of eyes watching how the players play and a lot of ears listening to what they say.

Here are some of the highlights from players seeking to honor God during this past week:

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Harrison Butker #7
Kicker – Kansas City Chiefs

“I never thought I’d ever be on a stage like this, but here I am and I need to glorify God for that.

“I always wonder, why does God have these footballs going through the uprights? Because there’s a lot of guys who put a lot of time and effort into their craft of kicking, but for some reason, my balls are going through the uprights. God’s put me on this platform for a reason. And, you know, I can’t be ashamed to give Him all the credit for being here and being alive and everything that he’s given for me.”

Noah Gray #83
Tight End – Kansas City Chiefs

“I just been very grateful in my life.
“It’s been humbling to be able to follow Jesus. And yeah, we’re just just so grateful to have such an amazing Father that, you know, takes care of us every single day. And we can always look to Him, you know, when times are good, but also when times are bad.”

James Winchester #41
Long Snapper – Kansas City Chiefs

“There was a lot of men who…in our locker room, honestly, that leaned on their faith, you know. And when you go through adversity and tough times, where do you go if…? you go the Lord. Right. And I think a lot of our guys did that. And you know, here we are.”

Marquez Valdez-Scantling #11
Wide Receiver – Kansas City Chiefs

“I’ve had some really, really dark days in my past where, you know, it was either death by suicide or talk to God. And, you know, like I said, I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my faith and don’t play this game for, for anything else but the man up top because this is the game that I love. I mean, and He gave me this platform to use to talk about, you know, my journey and, you know, my walk with Him.”

Patrick Mahomes #15
Quarterback – Kansas City Chiefs

CBN Sports asked Patrick Mahomes if he could talk about what role faith plays in his life and how important it is to him:

“Yeah, it helps you, the example that that I am every day. And it gives me an example of who to strive to be… be like. And whenever stuff is tough or through adverse times, I can just know that I can lean on my faith to get me through,” Mahomes told CBN.

Brock Purdy #13
Quarterback – San Francisco 49ers

CBN Sports also asked Brock Purdy about his faith story and what this season has taught him about God’s faithfulness:

“Yeah, I would just say, you know, not trying to hold on too tightly to your life and what you do with your job and make it your identity is in Jesus. And and honestly, that’s been the case for me in my life. I haven’t, you know, tried to hold on to the football life.  Being a quarterback. It’s been about, ‘All right, God, this is what I do. But I am who You say I am.’ And I’ve allowed that to sort of, you know, take over my life. And He’s taken me to where He needs me. And so now here we are.”

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