PRAY: Actors Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Rely on God as They Mourn Stillborn Baby Girl

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Billy Hallowell and Faithwire News

Actors Alexa and Carlos PenaVega revealed the heartbreaking news Monday that their baby daughter, Indy, was stillborn, expressing a deep reliance upon God amid the tragic circumstance.

The married couple, who already have three children—Ocean, 7, Kingston, 4 and Rio, 2—opened their joint statement on social media by stating there are “never the right words to say when it comes to loss.”

“After a beautiful and peaceful delivery, our daughter ‘Indy’ was born at rest,” the PenaVegas wrote. “It has been a painful journey. But, in the pain, we have found peace.”

The statement continued, “God continues to comfort and hold us in his arms.”

The PenaVegas also credited prayer from the community around them for helping sustain them, and described Indy as being “beautiful.”

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Despite their reliance on God during such an unthinkable ordeal, the celebrity couple was also candid about the emotional ebbs and flows they have faced in the wake of loss.

“Grief has come to us in waves,” they wrote. “Moments of feeling absolutely gutted … then moments of feeling blessed by just getting a moment with her.”

The PenaVegas went on to write that human beings can’t understand why such events unfold, but expressed their belief Indy has already changed their lives and the lives of many others.

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