Hero Truck Driver Risks Life to Save Woman Trapped in Blazing Fire

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Billy Hallowell and Faithwire News

Wednesday was a typical day for truck driver Randall D’Addezio—until it wasn’t.

D’Addezio was reportedly behind the wheel in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, when he witnessed a dangerous crash involving two semi-trucks.

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“I put on my four ways because I honestly thought the truck was going to come over and slam into me, came to a stop, looked, seen that she was still in the driver’s seat, seeing the fire and stuff, the sparks, the tires were on fire,” he told WBAY-TV.

As flames began to spread quickly, he realized a female driver was trapped and unable to exit.

D’Addezio knew there wasn’t time to wait for emergency personnel, so he put himself in harm’s way, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and pulled the woman out of the perilous situation before her truck was totally engulfed in flames.

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“My body just started moving on its own,” D’Addezio said. “I told her it was going to be OK—‘I’m here.’ I smiled and said I’d help [her] out.”

In the end, D’Addezio did just that, rescuing the grateful woman from what could have been a deadly situation. His boldness and willingness to serve is notable.

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