Apostate Priests Use Surrogate to Have Baby

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Abby Trivett

Today it appears as though accepted theology in the Christian faith is constantly changing among denominations. However, one of the surest signs of heresy sweeping the church is in the acceptance of an active LGBTQ lifestyle for clergy members.

As Not The Bee reported, one of the latest symbols of this coming apostasy can be seen by two Episcopal priests that used a surrogate to have a baby.

The male priests married each other in 2016 and decided to use a surrogate to conceive a child.

The Instagram announcement of the priests’ decision to add a baby to their relationship was reposted by Billboard Chris on X where it went viral.

“Our first match months before meeting our surrogate, Julie, was unsuccessful since that first surrogate had family issues that she needed to take care of and was disqualified on day of the contract signing,” the post read.

“It was very discouraging because it meant we had to restart the search but we know now it was all for the best,” it continued.

After the baby was finally born, the priests posted a family photo on Instagram. Their caption included a statement in support of drag queens and implied that the scandals of sexual molestation of children by clergy does not mean that gay priests shouldn’t be parents.

“We hope our family can be a reminder that ‘protect children from priests’ is just as harmful as ‘protect children from drag queens,'” the post read. “Both are unfair, unnecessary, and dangerous.”

Modeling a lifestyle which is not of God is something the Good Shepherd would never do. At the end of the day, there are many, including church leaders, who are more concerned about their own goals and agenda than leading people to Christ. Don’t be deceived by this type of living, and pray for the children who are being used for the selfish gain of others.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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