Angel Studios to Appeal Decision on ‘The Chosen’ Departure

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Abby Trivett

Following the departure of “The Chosen” from Angel Studios, Angel CEO Neal Harmon has issued a statement discussing the matter.

Harmon thanked the efforts of Angel Studios to help make “The Chosen” a smashing success.

“Our long hours of hard work over the last eight years by teams of programmers, marketers, translators, licensing experts and innovators have helped it become the worldwide success that it is today,” the statement continues.

Harmon says that Angel Studios plans to appeal the decision by the arbitrator that effectively ended the relationship between the two media entities.

“Sadly, The Chosen, Inc. chose to terminate its agreement with us. We hope that one day the agreement will be restored—and we plan to pursue the appeal provision that Angel and ‘The Chosen’ agreed to as the process for resolving disagreements privately,” the statement reads.

Angel has released a nearly 25-minute-long video thanking the contributors of “The Chosen” by listing the names of those who gave, including all of those who preferred to stay anonymous.

Dallas Jenkins, the creator of “The Chosen,” previously claimed that Angel “breached our contract on multiple occasions” after their 2022 partnership shifted to include the Come and See foundation. However, he thanked Angel for “their extraordinary efforts in helping launch this show.”

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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