Amir Tsarfati’s Warning on Cancelation and the Future of Israel

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Abby Trivett

President and CEO of Behold Israel, Amir Tsarfati, just gave a striking update on cancelation and how the current conditions with Hezbollah could potentially affect the future of Israel.

“I don’t know if you know, but I just told everyone on social media, I was able to announce that I’m de-platformed from Wikipedia,” Tsarfati said. “Ever since October 7th people were watching my videos and they plotted how can they shut my mouth. I mean, they cannot touch Telegram, so they went to the easiest thing, which is complaining to Wikipedia that my page there is biased.”

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Tsarfati says that contrary to what has just happened, he was originally approved to be on Wikipedia.

“There’s many more on that camp that wants to silence me,” Tsarfati said. “I was taken down from Wikipedia…but that’s the beginning.”

Besides his own personal struggles with cancelation, Tsarfati discussed the challenges happening in the Middle East especially in regards to Hezbollah and Hamas.

“Twice, there were UAVs that Hezbollah sent that were successfully intercepted…they were aiming at strategic and sensitive locations that are game changers if they would have been destroyed,” Tsarfati said. “If Hezbollah mission yesterday would have been successful, Beirut wouldn’t be standing here even today.”

Tsarfati also reported that what had happened was the Hezbollah liaison between Iran and Hamas was killed. He also described that Hamas is willing to agree with a two-state solution, but does not actually support what it means.

“A couple of days ago, Hamas leader in the diaspora, his name is Khaled Meshaal, was interviewed, and he was asked about a two-state solution,” Tsarfati said. “He said, ‘We may have to accept a two-state solution just as a way to survive, but we, Hamas, do not support a two-state solution.'”

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Tsarfati also described how the support for the Palestinians is largely from people in America, not from other parts of the world.

“It’s the progressive liberals in the democratic party in America that continue to push for a solution that no one wants, neither in Israel nor even the Hamas,” Tsarfati said.

Tsarfati also makes a powerful observation that in Scripture we see mention of Israel, but there is not a mention of a Palestinian state. As tensions continue to rise in the Middle East, Tsarfati warns that 2024 will be full of hardships.

“2024 is going to be the most challenging year ever,” Tsarfati said. “But it’s beautiful if you really think about it. It’s beautiful because we don’t trust horses or chariots; we trust in the name of the Lord.”

For those of us near and far away from the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, let us remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as Scripture says, especially now as we inch closer each day to the return of Christ.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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