‘A Declaration of War’: How the Conflict Between Israel and Iran Fits Into the Bigger Picture

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Michael Snyder

Iran’s attack on Israel is being called “a declaration of war”, and that is precisely what it was. Shooting more than 300 drones and missiles at another country is definitely an act of war, and the Iranian parliament was loudly chanting “death to Israel” as it was happening.

Many are shocked that a full-blown war between Israel and Iran is developing, but those that have been following my work are not shocked at all. In fact, this is precisely what we have been anticipating. I have been writing about a coming war between Israel and Iran for years, and in my book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” I lay out what will happen in great detail. So the truth is that we have been waiting for this for a very long time, and now it is here.

After IDF troops entered Gaza, a lot of people out there didn’t initially believe that a major regional war would develop in the Middle East.

But now a lot of those doubters are starting to come around.

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A major regional war has arrived. Following Iran’s direct attack on Israel on Saturday, Israeli President Isaac Herzog called that attack “a declaration of war”.

Israel has described Iran’s unprecedented 350-missile attack as a ‘declaration of war’ and confirmed it has approved plans for ‘offensive and defensive action’.

The country’s president Isaac Herzog insisted that Israel did not want a war but suggested they would retaliate after Iran’s audacious airstrike early on Sunday.

He said it was ‘about time the world faces this empire of evil in Tehran’ and makes it clear that its behavior is ‘unacceptable’.

President Herzog told Sky News: ‘It’s a declaration of war… we are considering all options and I’m quite confident we will take the necessary steps to protect and defend our people.’

Herzog is right.

It was a declaration of war.

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And as the drones and missiles were in the air, the Iranian parliament was chanting “death to Israel”.

The Biden administration is freaking out because they desperately do not want a major regional war in the Middle East.

U.S. officials are telling us that the U.S. military will be there to defend Israel, but they have also made it abundantly clear that our military will not be part of any offensive actions against Iran.

One day after Iran launched a historic missile and drone strike on Israel, the U.S. stressed Sunday that it is committed to defending its longtime ally − but it would not be a part of any responsive action that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government could take.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby said the U.S. is not seeking escalation and does not want a war with Iran.

A U.S. official who briefed reporters emphasized the U.S. was not involved in the initial Israeli strike that killed two Iranian commanders in Syria earlier this month and led to Iran’s assault on Saturday. The official indicated President Joe Biden sought to take the temperature down in a call with Netanyahu on Sunday night.

The call between Biden and Netanyahu was supposed to be confidential, but the Biden administration leaked it to the press for some reason.

Some Republicans are very upset about this. In fact, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio believes that Biden is trying to pander to “anti-Semites, anti-Israel, pro terrorist elements” in his own party.

An Axios report Saturday night details that Joe Biden told Netanyahu in their call that the U.S. would not participate in counter strikes against Iran.

Rubio claims that this aspect of the call was intentionally leaked by the White House as a pander to ‘anti-Semites, anti-Israel, pro terrorist elements’ of the Democratic Party.

‘They know that Israel’s going to respond – they know that for a fact’ Rubio told CNN State of the Union host Jake Tapper on Sunday. ‘So, why would the White House leak it?’

The Biden administration is really trying to persuade Israel not to respond, but it appears that a response is coming at some point.

In fact, USA Today is reporting that “multiple officials said Sunday there will be some kind of retaliation”.

Israel has yet to make a decision on how to respond to an attack by Iran that saw waves of missiles and explosives-laden drones, most of which were intercepted, launched toward its territory, according to an Israeli official.

But multiple officials said Sunday there will be some kind of retaliation. And not only does that move Israel’s long-simmering conflict with Iran fully out of the shadows, it risks sparking a wider, direct military escalation that could draw in the U.S. and other countries.

When will it happen? We don’t know. What will it look like? We don’t know. But if Israel strikes Iranian territory, the Iranians have already stated that they will hit back.

Ominously, the Russians have sent a naval vessel armed with Kinzhal supersonic missiles into the region.

Russia has sent a navy frigate, Marshal Shaposhnikov, armed with Kinzhal supersonic missiles into the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal just hours after Iran attacked Israel with hundreds of missiles and drones.

The Kremlin confirmed the ship’s presence in the area, adding that it will continue performing the tasks assigned to it under the expedition plan.

I find it very interesting that all of this has occurred less than a week after the eclipse. I always said that I didn’t expect any sort of a disaster or emergency to happen on April 8, but I do believe that the eclipse was a sign, a warning and a threshold.

And I warned my readers that it would be what came in the days, months and years after the eclipse that everyone should be concerned about.

Clearly, something has shifted.

From this point forward, wars and rumors of wars will constantly be in the headlines, and in the aftermath of Iran’s attack searches on Google for “World War III” spiked to the highest level in years.

Americans panic searched “World War III” and other related searches following Iran’s Saturday night attack on Israel with hundreds of missiles and drones.

Using data from Google Trends, “World War III” searches surged nationwide, hitting a five-year high.

Americans also searched “When will world war III begin” and “When is world war III going to happen” and even “Alexa, when will world war iii start,” as well as “Are We headed for world war III”.

I believe that things are going to move very quickly now. If you live in the Middle East, I strongly urge you to exercise extreme caution.

This war has been brewing for years, and the death and destruction that we will soon witness will shock the entire planet.

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