3 Manipulative Ways Liberals Try to Transition Children

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Abby Trivett

Today the world we are living in is not only upside-down, but the “professionals” of health, education and business seem to believe they know what’s best for your children.

On the Ellen Fisher Podcast, Allie Beth Stuckey debated nonbinary teacher Desmond Fambrini as to whether or not children should have the ability to change their gender. Stuckey, a Christian and conservative voice, has advocated for the traditional family values for years. Fambrini on the other hand, is a teacher with a masters degree from John Hopkins University. What’s most telling about this debate is the manipulative tactics the liberal left uses to get children to transition.

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  • Children are required to make other important decisions before becoming adults.

Stuckey made the point that the brain is not fully developed until age 25, making it hard for kids especially to make that kind of life-long decision especially before they’ve even reached puberty.

However, one of the tactics Fambrini used was to say that children are required to make other important decisions before turning 18.

“People can drive at 16. We don’t say ‘oh your frontal lobe is not developed, you’re not able to actually operate a car,’” Fambrini argued. “That’s not necessarily scientifically relevant when it comes to neuroplasticity or neuroscience.”

There’s a big difference between allowing someone to learn how to drive a car, vote or go to college than there is with making a physical, life-altering decision that will not only affect their immediate physical health, but also how they engage with the world at-large.

  • Dealing with fertility issues isn’t a big deal because not everyone wants children.

While it’s true that not everyone will have children or desires to have children, it’s difficult for kids to make that decision so early on. Just as minors change what career paths they may want later on as adults, it’s possible and likely that many will change their minds about wanting to someday be parents themselves. Fambrini’s argument that “not everyone’s focus is fertility” doesn’t hold up in the grander scheme that children themselves are not completely competent to make such enormous decisions.

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“I’ve talked to…so many de-transitioners who at the time that they transitioned or tried to transition when they were a teenager or maybe even 19-years-old,” Stuckey said. “They thought for sure at that point that they will never ever want kids…then, not only did they de-transition and realize ‘oh, I want to be a mom,’ they realized ‘oh, I really want to breastfeed, now I can’t do that.”

  • Puberty blockers can be ‘right’ in some circumstances.

This argument by Fambrini that puberty blockers can be ‘right’ for the improvement of a child is nothing more than a lie. The belief that puberty blockers can be used to not cure, but to help a child’s depression is what the left wants parents to believe about these medications to guilt-trip them into letting their children use them.

The tactics of the left will lead parents to believe that their children need to go through transitioning as ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ for them to have a healthy future. Instead, we need to encourage children that they have already been fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

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Abby Trivett is a content development editor for Charisma Media.

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