Content Settings That Let You Watch However You Want

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How many times have you had to mute the volume, change the channel or quit watching a movie because of objectionable content such as cursing, nudity or violence? If you have kids, it can be almost impossible to find a movie or show that’s appropriate for the whole family.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to just cut out that one scene? Or block or skip scenes that don’t meet your standards? Well, now there is! 

Introducing VidAngel! It’s a new technology that allows you to stream movies and shows and decide exactly what cursing, nudity and violence you want to cut out. 

VidAngel lets you watch your favorite movies and shows, just like Netflix or Hulu. But unlike those sites, VidAngel lets you customize your movie according to your own comfort level!

If that’s not enough, a movie on VidAngel only ends up costing $1. Plus, it’s available for all new releases on all major platforms.

So click here to try VidAngel today.

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