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  • Going the Distance

    Missionary Philip Smethurst believes God wants young adults to embrace the challenges of missionary adventure. Philip Smethurst knew he was a man on a mission after his conversion as a teen in South Africa. The founder of Overland Missions, an apostolic ministry that resembles a Christian version of the TV show Survivor, wanted to be

  • A Wild and Crazy Mission

    Thousands of college students engage in a celebration of booze and sex during Spring Break. But these days, Christian students are reaching their partying peers with the gospel.

  • Reaching the Weekend Warriors

    Thousands participate in Civil War re-enactments every year. And as they restage the battles of Gettysburg, Antietam and Olustee, Christians are there to preach the timeless message of Jesus.

  • In the Shadow of the Mosque

    In most Muslim nations, sharing the gospel is forbidden. But observers believe that Turkey–where the New Testament church flourished–may be the key to reaching all of the Middle East. The first time that Ali Pektas had an encounter with Jesus Christ was in Mecca, Saudi Arabia–the spiritual heart of Islam. “I was working in Saudi

  • Surfing for Jesus

    From Hawaii to California to Florida, surfers are catching a new wave of spiritual fervor.

  • Why the Revival Flame Still Burns Bright in China

    Why the Revival Flame Still Burns Bright in China

    American evangelist Randy Clark discovered that the Holy Spirit is fueling dramatic church growth in China in spite of persecution. American healing evangelist Randy Clark, best known as the man who helped ignite the “Toronto Blessing” revival in Canada in 1994, met recently with seven top leaders of the New Wine House Church movement, a

  • Super Bowl Religion

    On football's biggest day, Christians used the matchup between the St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots as an opportunity to spread the gospel.

  • A Gateway for the Gospel in Jordan

    In spite of Muslim tensions, Jordan has displayed unusual openness to the gospel as Christian tourists visit this ‘other Holy Land.’ They call it the home of the sunrise of Christianity, on the right side of the Jordan River–a country of 150 biblical sites. Often overlooked in the scheme of Middle East politics and prophecy,

  • Quiet Faith Inside Disney

    While some Christians have supported a boycott of the Disney company, others say there is a better way to influence: By sharing Jesus inside Disney World.

  • Sharing Your Faith With Muslims

    We often assume it is difficult to win a Muslim to Christ. But our doubts reflect a lack of trust in the Spirit's power.

  • How to Reach the Rainbow Radicals

    How to Reach the Rainbow Radicals

    Ministry to the Rainbow People must be out-of-the-box and laced with servanthood. “Then the Hi-Ho’s and some of the shaman came together to Him, having come from Jerusalem. Now when they saw some of His disciples eat bread without washing hands, they began to schwag them. For the Hi-Ho’s and all the hippies do not

  • Reaching the Rainbow People

    Reaching the Rainbow People

    Every year a ragtag group of American misfits gather in the forest to live in peace with nature. But some equally radical Christians are introducing them to the message of Jesus.

  • Extreme Faith

    They call themselves 777 Skateboards. Their goal is unorthodox: to take the gospel to the thousands of teenagers who spend most of their lives on skateboard ramps. On this sun-drenched Southern California day, thousands of barely clad beachgoers stroll along the boardwalk, taking in the scene at fabled Venice Beach, southwest of Los Angeles. Kids

  • A Pastor to the Rainbows

    A Pastor to the Rainbows

    Tedd Craven journeys into national forests to reach lost Rainbows ‘tribes’ with the gospel Tedd Craven will give you the shirt off of his back, and his eyes can pierce a hole through your soul. He is selfless to a fault, but don’t mistake him for being naive. Each year, Craven and other ministers go

  • How to Stay Humble in Prophetic Ministry

    How to Stay Humble in Prophetic Ministry

    Maintaining an attitude of humility is essential in the prophetic ministry. Otherwise, elitism creeps in and grows up to characterize prophetic individuals and groups. Experiencing supernatural revelation can be “heady wine,” and people too often begin to think of themselves more highly than they ought after having drunk it over a period of time. A

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